Week 34 – Dear Baby – Pregnancy Pictures and Note

I can’t believe it’s June and that it is definitely possible that our baby could be born THIS MONTH. It’s getting closer and closer, and I know it’s really up to our little girl when she arrives… wonder what she has in mind.

What’s Growing On in the Backyard?

One thing I had been curious about for a long time was the beet plant. I kept asking, “How many beets will one beet seedling make?” and no one could tell me… no book, no googling, etc. I guess the answer was, “Duh, one.” Now I know. I just didn’t know if it would be

Home Decor Sneak Peeks – Baby Room and Living Room

Saturday, the husband and I made our first-ever pilgrimage to IKEA. It’s about 3.5 hours away, but closer to a 4 hour drive with a pregnant lady who has to stop constantly to pee. I actually dreamed about going to Ikea last week. In my dream, you had to stand on a conveyor belt to

Week 33 Pregnancy photos and note

This week a friend helped me install the car seat in our little red car… tight fit but it works! I kept squealing imagining putting our baby girl in it and taking her home. Very exciting! I love the “front” picture this week because it looks like I’m just a normal not-pregnant girl with a

32 and a half weeks cooked

All right, I keep getting behind on these… haven’t gone later than Wednesday of a week yet, but by then I’m 4 days into the next week! So… I need to try to do Tuesday next week, then Monday, etc… Saturday is really the “changeover” day for the weeks. haha. This week has been pretty

Sweet Zora – Loving this Weather

Lately it’s been sunny, not too hot and not too cool. Basically, this is the gorgeous California weather we were so excited about when we moved here. And since Zora’s black fur, though trimmed, generally makes her uncomfortable quickly in the heat, it seems as if she knows she needs to take advantage of this

30 Weeks Pregnant – 3/4 of the way there!

75%… 3/4… 30/40 weeks… so crazy! I took these pictures yesterday but because of the lighting and the dog and stuff, the editing took longer than usual. Anyway, here’s the note! Like I said before… as I get closer to the finish line, I am feeling more like a “Mom” than a “Mommy.” So I

Throw Blankets from a Bedspread!

For the last month or so, my main priority for decorating the living room has been to find throw blankets and pillows that I like that will go with my new color scheme/look for the room. I haven’t had a lot of luck. I’ve found LOTS of pillows online that I love/want but they’re mostly

Week 29 – Letter to Baby

Once again, allergies have hit me HARD this week and it’s hard to feel photogenic and smiley when you can hardly breathe!!! This took a LOT of makeup to cover up my under-eye circles from hardly getting any sleep and red nose from all the congestion & nose-blowing. ha. I think I managed to look

Week 28 – starting the Final Stretch!

I just finished my “baby note” but have to run to the post office and then to work, so I’m not writing much here… like the way this one turned out though! I might have to edit it a tiny bit later, because the d in “and” is almost touching my nose which bugs me

Week 27 – Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

Seems like not much happened with the pregnancy this week, but when I looked back to write my note, I realized the baby is getting bigger, more active, and more intrusive. haha. I’ve been having to get out of bed to pee, which I don’t appreciate, and sometimes she pushes so hard into my ribs

Snip and wash. And my Velvet Dog

Our dog gets really puffy … well, maybe not puffy, but kind of… shaggy. And thick-furred. And if it’s warm out, she gets HOT. And then little bits of dirt get trapped in her fur. So eventually… We bust out the clippers and give her an all-over haircut. Nothing fancy.. No fading or different lengths

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