One of those Rainy Mississippi Days

Lately here in Meridian, we’ve been having muggy mornings followed by afternoon thunderstorms. As much as it would be nice to have less humidity in the air, I do love the thunderstorms. Today, I decided to take advantage of the rainy weather by puttering around in the kitchen doing a few experiments and a bit

Thank you for your votes!

I posted here asking for your support in a contest I had entered. And guess what! My entry won! Thank you so much for your help! These “barefoot” shoes were the prize… I can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail! They’re supposed to be great for developing lower body strength, improving balance and

I’m a Finalist! WOO HOO! Please vote for me!

I’m a finalist in a contest over at Mark’s Daily Apple… the concept was to poke fun at conventional wisdom (for food/fitness/lifestyle) by using a clever post-it note. Here’s my submission: I think I had a clever concept and great photo… AND I prefer the real post-it photos to the photoshopped ones (seems they take

You see, there are these little penguins… with pitchers. And in the middle of the night, they fill up their pitchers at the faucet.They take the water to the freezer. It’s like a bucket brigade, Emily.  It’s actually like slave labor — horrible working conditions. But we’re looking into improving their wages. They’re paid by

Jul 04 2009
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Jun 07 2009
New Pillows!

I love my new throw pillows. The old ones were great, but when we got Zora, she decided the corners of them were great for chewing on. When she became a lot less mouthy, it was safe to get new pillows. These are from Urban Outfitters, by artist Matte Stephens. The colors are so perfect,

Jun 05 2009
Zora and the Crate

Zora doesn’t love her crate, but she’s fine with it. When it’s bedtime, I ask her, “Do you need to go outside or are you ready for bed?” Since she recognizes “outside” and “bed” she knows what I’m saying… and she either goes to the door to be let out or goes straight into her

Life happens.

So I haven’t posted in a while. Life happens. I finished up the school year with my preschoolers; went to South Carolina for my oldest friend’s wedding (I don’t mean she’s old. I mean I think out of the people I consider “current” friends, I’ve been friends with her the longest. haha); started cleaning up

Mmm… so THIS is Healthy Eating

This is one of our recent grocery shopping trips’ hauls. Note all the produce.. pears, baby carrots, bell peppers, apples, lettuce, spinach, grape tomatoes, asparagus, avocado… probably some more that’s hidden in there. So delicious! I can’t wait until our garden is giving us enough produce to replace a significant part of our usual grocery

May 16 2009
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Zora Basking

Outdoors, Zora will find a spot of shade to lay in, even if it’s only 70 degrees out. The sun is just too much for her to bear. If she hears the hose turn on to water the plants, she acts like she’s dying of thirst, but daren’t step out into the sun-warmed grass. It’s

Contrast: His Job/My Job – Our Sketches

His job: My job:

Square Foot Garden Beds – Part 1

Last year, we tried our hand(s) at growing vegetables in containers in the back yard. We went with containers because we’re not allowed to dig up our yard without returning it to its pre-us state when we move, and also because the “soil” in this area is really clay. The containers worked decently and I

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