Are you traveling for the holidays? The actual travel part can be really simple with a young baby, but what about when you arrive at your destination? Crazy, demanding schedules and overenthusiastic friends and relatives may attempt to derail your routine, but there are a few things you can do to help. Stay Flexible

  3 S’s of Preparing your Dog for Your New Baby Really, this should be “How I prepared my dog for our first baby”… I don’t know your dog. I only know mine. So this is what we did. Support curiosity – Zora was very curious about the new baby things that started coming into


One simple but super-fun fall craft you can do with your kids is pumpkin painting! This isn't something that takes a lot of prep or clean-up, but it's super-fun and will give you dcorations to use all month. Unlike carved pumpkins which will rot pretty quickly, painted pumpkins “keep” for a long time. You can

  What do you need to know about traveling with a baby? I mean a little baby, not an older one. And not a toddler. Well… The first few months, you might notice your baby loves the car seat or hates it. If you have a “loves the car seat” baby, that’s great! Bring on


When I became pregnant with Joey, Anneliese was just under a year old. I knew she couldn’t possibly understand what was really happening, and what was going to change with our family in just a few months, but I did my best to prepare her for his arrival. Considering that upon seeing him the first


Part of why the “twos” can be so “terrible” is because these quick-growing toddlers are starting to realize they're their own person, and they want autonomy. It's almost as if they're saying… Don't TELL me to wear that blue dress. I want to wear a green shirt with a yellow tutu! And I want two


I know that people mean well with these comments… I don't know how you do it all! It must be so hard to be a single mom of two young kids. Wow, I bet you really miss your husband. Being a single mom is so tough! You do such a good job with your kids,


Anneliese has a basket of little wooden vehicles from her Christmas stocking (from Target last winter), and while she would play with them, there wasn't a lot of pretending going on. Just pushing cars. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But she would look at me and my husband like we were crazy if


What is Montessori? Maria Montessori created a framework for education which focuses on independence and freedom within boundaries, “following the child” (respecting the child as an individual, with unique personality, strengths, and preferences), and a carefully prepared environment. Classrooms are mixed-age, so that children can teach and learn from each other, and teaching younger children

babywearing stash

This is my babywearing “stash” as of the beginning of October, 2012. It took a lot of work to get it all in one place, and I even missed one carrier, my Boba Air, which is in my stroller as backup. Why would someone “need” so many carriers? Let me explain. Top row: Boba 3G


When I was pregnant with Anneliese, I redecorated my living room. We got a less oppressive coffee table, new wonderful couches that were exactly what I had in mind, and a pretty rug and curtains. I posted a picture on my facebook page, and got a horrified comment from a friend of a friend: Aren’t

how to easily drain a toddler pool

We’ve really enjoyed splashing in the toddler pool in the evenings this summer. I know I mentioned it before, but I had thought we were going to go to the community pool a lot… not so. It’s so much easier to stay close to the house, in case someone needs a diaper or a bathroom

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