Lately, my daughter has been more into Real Kitchen Stuff. Wanting to help wash, peel, and cut fruits and veggies. Stirring and pouring. Wearing her little apron. Sweeping and cleaning spills. And standing inside the refrigerator, door open, scanning for snacks. So I figured it was time for a fully-functional toddler kitchen.


I’m teaching my 2 year old how to sew, and from the way she was dancing around today singing, “Pupple em-boy-dee! Pupple em-boy-dee!” I have hope that someday my daydreams of crafting together will come true.


Have you ever locked the bathroom door with your kids on the other side, just so you could have a moment to pee in peace? It doesn’t really work, does it? Babies tend to cry and sometimes knock sadly on the door … While toddlers have their own versions of persuasive objection. Anneliese said all


When I asked her, “What kind of berries are you picking?” She would reply, “Ripe ones!”

The other day, I had my sitter come so that I could attend a Fleet and Family Support class on home buying. Depending on my husband's next orders, we may or may not be looking for a home to buy. Anneliese did not want me to leave, so to help her understand the situation, I

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Sometimes things don’t go the way we hoped they would. But with a bit of optimism, it’s simple to celebrate moments and find the good. Allstate Good Life is taking this optimistic approach in their latest

My other post about how to make a hammock out of your woven wraps has been pinned a billion times on Pinterest, stolen and republished without permission (creepy… that’s my kid, you guys. don’t DO that. And not okay to steal anyway) and shared WITH permission by buzzfeed and apartment therapy. THANK YOU to everyone

Nov 28 2012
Category: Family Life
Should I swaddle my baby or not? Pros and cons.

Swaddling is one of those controversial parenting topics. Some people are SUPER PRO SWADDLING because newborn babies like to feel secure, like they were in the womb, and load up the swaddling blankets so baby will stay warm. Other people are SUPER ANTI SWADDLING because baby can feel secure against mama’s chest (babywearing to the

Nov 26 2012
Category: Family Life
What's the deal with pregnancy/baby due dates? And does it even matter? About going into labor.

When did you find out your due date? How did you find out? Did the doctor use your last menstrual cycle and the “Wheel of Pregnancy” tool to figure it out for you? Or were you 100% sure about your date of conception and use a calculator that way? Which calculator did you use? There

Tips and tricks for newborn sleep. Great advice from lots of mamas.

I’m far from a baby sleep expert. I’m on Twitter a lot in the middle of the night, while nursing or soothing awake babies (well, not Anneliese anymore, but when she was littler, yes), or just being awake while a wide-awake baby plays nearby. So I figured I’d ask my Twitter pals what their newborn


I'm so excited about MommyCon Mini, a conference for forward-thinking natural mamas. One of my girlfriends and I are making the trip to Las Vegas in January to meet The Mommy Dialogues moms, hear Jessica (aka The Leaky Boob) and Jamie (aka The Baby Guy NYC) speak, and attend workshops about…   Baby & Toddler

How to design a baby nursery when you're sharing a room - making space for your new baby in the master bedroom.

  Designing a Baby Nursery (When You’re Sharing a Room) Before we had our first baby, Anneliese, I carefully arranged a special room just for her, even though we knew we would have her in our bedroom with us most of the time. With a 3-bedroom house, it was easy for her to have her

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