Oct 05 2009
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1,600 people search for “My Pet Dog” each month

What are they even looking for? Do they know that Google doesn’t know what THEIR dog looks like or how to find pictures of their particular dog? Are they looking for the book by that title? My Pet Dog doesn’t look like that good a book… I can’t believe 1,600 people would be looking for

Aug 01 2009
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You see, there are these little penguins… with pitchers. And in the middle of the night, they fill up their pitchers at the faucet.They take the water to the freezer. It’s like a bucket brigade, Emily.  It’s actually like slave labor — horrible working conditions. But we’re looking into improving their wages. They’re paid by

May 14 2009
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Contrast: His Job/My Job – Our Sketches

His job: My job:

Apr 11 2009
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Square Foot Garden Beds – Part 1

Last year, we tried our hand(s) at growing vegetables in containers in the back yard. We went with containers because we’re not allowed to dig up our yard without returning it to its pre-us state when we move, and also because the “soil” in this area is really clay. The containers worked decently and I

Mar 02 2009
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Snow in Meridian, MS

Yesterday morning we woke up, peeked out of the front door, and saw… Snow?! Last Friday one of my kids wore shorts! Snow?? Zora’s first snow… she was so confused! She kept trying to smell it, would inhale some, then start sneezing. Then because it made her sneeze she would try to attack it by

Feb 25 2009
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Contrast: His Job / My Job

His job: Student naval aviator (advanced – tailhook), just finished a bunch of formation flights. The first plane in the movie is being flown by him. My job: Illustration and teaching kids. In one word? “Coloring” sums it up pretty well (of course I do other things too). This is what I did at work

Feb 17 2009
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Sweet Sick Man

My sweet guy got sick last week and didn’t get to fly from Sunday until this past Sunday… an entire week with no cockpit time. There was only a little bit of this: But there was a lot of grumping around and being angry at not being able to fly. But homemade turkey noodle soup

Feb 07 2009
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Last Weekend – Bonita Lakes + Picnic

Last weekend we went on a little trek to visit Bonita Lakes, one of Meridian’s (two?) attractions. Seriously though, the lake is really pretty, and it looks like a very well-maintained area. There are trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding as well as  a paved walking path around part of the lake. There are

Jan 07 2009
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Archery? Yes, please!

As I said before, I’ve never been a very physical person, but something about the idea of archery always seemed really cool to me… so in 9th grade, when my gym (ugh) teacher opened the supply closet and I saw ARCHERY EQUIPMENT, I was so excited. I asked if we were going to use it

Dec 23 2008
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This is where I wrote the Cinnamon Date Scone Post

My view… And to the right…

Dec 07 2008
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Merry Meridian Market – Meridian, MS 2008

I’m not feeling very generous, so the subtitle of this post is “OR How to Freeze your Butt off at the Crappiest Show Ever.” I’m sorry, but… yeah. I was all excited even though I wasn’t feeling so hot, because this show was advertised much more than the other shows I’ve done here were… plus,

Nov 27 2008
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I’m really sad because I wrote a whole big Thanksgiving post and after it posted successfully, it seems to have disappeared… I’m too sad about it right now to write it all over again. So I’ll just post a very short one. Zora helped me cook.

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