1,600 people search for “My Pet Dog” each month

What are they even looking for? Do they know that Google doesn’t know what THEIR dog looks like or how to find pictures of their particular dog? Are they looking for the book by that title? My Pet Dog doesn’t look like that good a book… I can’t believe 1,600 people would be looking for

One of those Rainy Mississippi Days

Lately here in Meridian, we’ve been having muggy mornings followed by afternoon thunderstorms. As much as it would be nice to have less humidity in the air, I do love the thunderstorms. Today, I decided to take advantage of the rainy weather by puttering around in the kitchen doing a few experiments and a bit

Jun 07 2009
New Pillows!

I love my new throw pillows. The old ones were great, but when we got Zora, she decided the corners of them were great for chewing on. When she became a lot less mouthy, it was safe to get new pillows. These are from Urban Outfitters, by artist Matte Stephens. The colors are so perfect,

Jun 05 2009
Zora and the Crate

Zora doesn’t love her crate, but she’s fine with it. When it’s bedtime, I ask her, “Do you need to go outside or are you ready for bed?” Since she recognizes “outside” and “bed” she knows what I’m saying… and she either goes to the door to be let out or goes straight into her

May 16 2009
Category: Day-to-day. Zora
Zora Basking

Outdoors, Zora will find a spot of shade to lay in, even if it’s only 70 degrees out. The sun is just too much for her to bear. If she hears the hose turn on to water the plants, she acts like she’s dying of thirst, but daren’t step out into the sun-warmed grass. It’s

How to Get Your Dog Completely Exhausted

Step 1: Find a Welsh Corgi or two. Preferably the Pembroke type. Mmm… feisty little herding dogs! My friend Liz has two of them, Rocco and Maggie. Rocco tends to freak Zora out a little so he didn’t get to play this time. Here’s Zora and Maggie. Step 2: Release Corgis and your dog into

When I posted before about the snow here in Mississippi, I asked if anyone wanted me to upload videos of Zora’s reactions, but warned that I probably would regardless of your desires. So here they are! No, it didn’t snow again. It’s actually been in the 70s lately. I’m just finally getting around to posting

Snow in Meridian, MS

Yesterday morning we woke up, peeked out of the front door, and saw… Snow?! Last Friday one of my kids wore shorts! Snow?? Zora’s first snow… she was so confused! She kept trying to smell it, would inhale some, then start sneezing. Then because it made her sneeze she would try to attack it by

What’s going on in the kitchen tonight?

First of all… if you haven’t already bought the Motivated Moms planner, and your house isn’t spotless (thereby giving you an excuse not to need it)… GO BUY IT. It cycles through all the random crap you normally wouldn’t think of. Changing the air filter, checking your credit report,  cleaning your welcome mat, etc… Today’s

Feb 10 2009
Category: Family Life. Videos. Zora

Zora learned spinning a long time ago, but I’ve always had to move my arm in a big circle as the cue to spin… so for the February training challenge for an online dog training community, I wanted to teach her how to do it with a more subtle cue. With some GOOD treats (turkey

Last Weekend – Bonita Lakes + Picnic

Last weekend we went on a little trek to visit Bonita Lakes, one of Meridian’s (two?) attractions. Seriously though, the lake is really pretty, and it looks like a very well-maintained area. There are trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding as well as  a paved walking path around part of the lake. There are

National Thrift Week – Invest Safely Day

Today was Invest Safely Day. I’m no investment expert, but I know that everyone’s definitions of “safe” investments are going to be different. Fool.com gives explanations about several different places to “park your cash,” along with pros and cons for each. What are your investment/savings plans? Do you have a favorite “parking space” for your

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