Last weekend we went on a little trek to visit Bonita Lakes, one of Meridian’s (two?) attractions. Seriously though, the lake is really pretty, and it looks like a very well-maintained area. There are trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding as well as  a paved walking path around part of the lake. There are

Today was Invest Safely Day. I’m no investment expert, but I know that everyone’s definitions of “safe” investments are going to be different. gives explanations about several different places to “park your cash,” along with pros and cons for each. What are your investment/savings plans? Do you have a favorite “parking space” for your

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Dec 20 2008

We arrived in South Carolina to visit our families on Thursday night. Since then, it’s been relaxing for us, but VERY exciting for Zora. First she got to go on an 8-hour car trip, smelling all sorts of interesting smells on the way. Then, she met my dad and step-mom and went to bed in

Dec 01 2008
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In June, we adopted Zora from the East Mississippi Animal Rescue. This photo is dated in May, because we really adopted her in May, but then went out of town, so we took her home in June when we got back. Since then, she’s been a wonderful companion and an excellent cuddler. It’s so fun

I’m really sad because I wrote a whole big Thanksgiving post and after it posted successfully, it seems to have disappeared… I’m too sad about it right now to write it all over again. So I’ll just post a very short one. Zora helped me cook.

Autumn is my favorite season of all… finally, relief from all of those hot disgusting summer days! Pants and sweaters, hoodies and nice breezes… less humidity! It’s definitely a time to celebrate. This year, I did several decorations… a couple that I haven’t taken photos of (whoops! maybe I’ll add them tomorrow). First, the garden.

I’ve really wanted to be able to balance things on Zora’s head… but she wasn’t too into the idea. She’d want to keep her eye on the treat or toy, so she’d follow it with her head (looking up). If I tried to come from the side, she’d turn her head to the side, and

It’s hard to take a family portrait with a self-timer and a dog. Husband holds dog. I set up camera and click. I run back to husband and dog. I hold dog’s collar. We try to pose and smile. Dog decides it’s time for a belly rub! We eventually got this one, which is pretty

Last week I wrote about how we rearranged the living room furniture to make the space flow a bit better. To remind you, this is the “before.” And this is sort of the after. The little upside-down table was helping to flatten the rug, and the coffee table was obviously not in its final position,

We LOVE this house, don’t get me wrong. It’s big and open and has a fantastic kitchen with a huge walk-in pantry. The only thing that’s been kind of awkward is the living room/dining room area. It’s basically a long rectangle. On one side, there is a 5 foot wide entrance to the kitchen, and

I was looking for recipes for a good sandwich bread to make in the bread machine, and came across this recipe on allrecipes. At 4.5 stars and almost 500 reviews, I decided to give it a go! Of course, after reading some of the reviews, I decided to try a honey wheat version instead, since

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