Update on our Rescue Dog

Here he is, taking a nap without having to worry about bugs biting him or cars hitting him. His tummy is full and he’s out of the hot summer sun. At the same time, our dog Zora took a nap in the kitchen. Of course, they have tons of regular kids books on every topic

Aug 31 2008
Our Rescue Dog

Zora and I were going for a walk the night before last when this dog came up to us looking for love. He and Zora sniffed each other, played a little, and then coexisted nicely. The dog followed us. No collar, skinny as anything, not neutered. I borrowed a collar and leash from someone who

Garden update – good and not so good

Good: Basil is growing (from seed! Thanks Meagan, for the herb kit) Not so good: No parsley is growing… it died (I like basil better anyway). Also, something is munching on the basil leaves a little. Good: The eggplant is making lots of fruits and flowers. The plant is in generally good health. Not Good:

TireBiter -1 … Zora – 0

This is the first toy that has actually defeated my dog. She and her Kong toys have an understanding… they’ve declared a draw. But this one? This one kicked her butt. Now, I know what you’re thinking… that toy is a TIRE! It is TOUGH! Of COURSE it’s going to beat that little dog. Well,

Zora is clean! Yay for puppy baths!

Even though she’s an inside dog and mostly only goes outside to pee and to go for walks (or to keep us company while we water the plants and do gardening stuff), somehow Zora picks up a “dog” smell… hmm. Maybe it’s because she’s a dog! Anyway, we’ve had her for about a month and

Jul 13 2008
Category: Family Life. Zora

Zora LOVES to chew on things… luckily, she hasn’t chewed on the furniture or anything like that (she tried the first couple days she was with us, but I think we got the message across). Lately, she’s taken to plucking one Kleenex from the box, and shredding it, then trying to eat the little pieces.

Jul 04 2008
Our Front Garden

This is how the garden looked a few days ago… lots and lots of monkey grass, a weird bush thing on the left (which was actually 3 separate plants), and a bunch of weeds. So we pulled up a lot of the monkey grass, that ugly bush, and all the weeds. And put in lots

The Newest Member of Our Family!

So I probably should’ve written sometime in the last couple weeks about this… but so much was going on! First, we went to South Carolina for a week, and since then we’ve been settling in and getting our newest family member used to the way things work here. About a week before we went to

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