These homemade Paleo Skittles are slightly chewy snacks made with tons of whole fruits and vegetables. A great healthy snack for toddlers on the go.

This week’s cookbook review had me walking out of the grocery store with bags full of artichokes, tomatoes, cured meat, and mushrooms. I could tell it was going to be a delicious week.

We were all nearly in tears when this was gone. Figuratively. But our mouths were sad. This blueberry coffee cake is ridiculous delicious y’all. Make it. Do it. I’m gonna be making it again this week for when we have some friends over for brunch. Yup. I’m gonna double the hell out of this recipe and we’ll probably still run out.

Want to get FREE Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil from Tropical Traditions, along with a FREE Coconut Oil book with 85 recipes and tons of information? Today’s the day. Hurry! They almost never run these free oil promotions!

Lately, my daughter has been more into Real Kitchen Stuff. Wanting to help wash, peel, and cut fruits and veggies. Stirring and pouring. Wearing her little apron. Sweeping and cleaning spills. And standing inside the refrigerator, door open, scanning for snacks. So I figured it was time for a fully-functional toddler kitchen.

Besides the gorgeousness, Beyond Bacon is full of wonderful information about “the whole hog” and seriously will make you want to buy a whole (butchered) pig. And there are recipes for every bit of the pig, from ribs and roasts to sweetbreads and the head. No joke.

Feb 24 2013
Category: Food

Some of you know I did a Whole30 “Paleo Challenge” during the second part of January through the middle of February. I didn’t blog about it (obviously) but I posted a bit on twitter and Instagram about it. It was good. Seriously. I craved milk, hot chocolate, chocolate ganache, hard. At the beginning, anyway… I

This Zuppa Toscana crock pot recipe will make you feel like you're in Olive Garden... or Italy. Easy to make in the crockpot, and great for freezer meals for later. Tuscan sausage kale potato soup recipe

Zuppa Toscana Crockpot Recipe While in one of my pinning frenzies, I came across this recipe for (Olive Garden copycat) Zuppa Toscana in a crock pot. It looked darned good to me, and also like something that I could double without much effort, AND freeze successfully. I wasn’t 100% sure about freezing it because of

If I did a freezer recipe every week for Freezer Friday, my freezer would be packed full in no time. Sooo… sometimes I'll be doing a “How did it freeze?” update, or other freezer-related posts. This is something I've sort of made before. This is the recipe. But this time I added lots of extra

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a bunch of apples and whipped up some Cinnamon Applesauce. I didn't use any “established” recipe, but how can you go wrong with something so simple? All applesauce is is cooked apples, mushed up or blended, really. I filled my crock pot with apples, peeled (because they're not

Chicken pot pie is one of those foods I’ve always loved. It’s warm and creamy, there’s just the right amount of chicken, lots of vegetables, and a perfect crust to include a bit of in every bite, like a biscuity condiment. But I haven’t made it in ages, because my “go-to” recipe involved canned “Cream

Sometimes, I post pictures of Anneliese’s lunches on Instagram and twitter, and I usually get a lot of comments like: “Wow, that looks great!” “Will you be my mom?” “Yum! I want to eat that.” “Does she really eat all of that stuff?” Let me respond. That’s because it IS great! Um… don’t hate me,

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