Jealous yet? 3 squashes, one of which is hilariously bumpy 1 zucchini 1 cucumber, which was a total surprise to me A few stalks of broccoli A small banana pepper A small jalapeno pepper (figured I’d pick these peppers so the tiny plants can put more energy into GROWING a bit more first) Some basil

Just so you don’t think that ALL we eat are baked goods these days… it’s just that a lot of our meals don’t really have recipes. Great meat and delicious local veggies hardly require any “doctoring” and most nights it’s just simple to cook some meat and veggies and … that’s it. Have you ever

Thanks SO MUCH to Northern Monkey Girl for this comment on my last gardening post: Hey, about the broccoli, it sounds like you have the sprouting broccoli type rather than the calabrese? The calabrese is the one that forms one big head. The sprouting has become more fashionable over here recently, you just take several

I went grocery shopping on Tuesday and bought a great-looking ripe, heavy (so theoretically juicy) cantaloupe. Wednesday I cut it in half and ate half of it. Thursday I cut up the other half and put it in my lunchbox to take to work with me. Me to husband, “I’m sorry I ate the whole

I guess I should’ve done something cute like dress in pink and hold a giant heart or something, but today it’s blue and just me. This is a fun project so far and it’s really making me reflect on THIS WEEK versus letting the whole “journey” blur together – I like that. About the banana

Yesterday was just a great day overall. I went to work in the morning and had a nice time with the kiddos, and when I came home this was waiting for me on my doorstep: Notice I couldn’t even wait to dig in. Those green onions went into the savory vegetable pancakes I posted about

Look at what I got yesterday! My very first CSA basket from Family Farm Fresh. It was very exciting to open it! They deliver to Hanford each Tuesday, and bring the basket full of produce from local farmers right to your front door. It comes like this, with a newsletter clipped to it. In the

Jan 07 2010

Have any of you self-proclaimed Foodies experienced a prolonged loss of appetite? Either due to an illness or maybe as a side effect of a medication you were taking or… because of pregnancy? Let me tell you, this is weirding me out. Since May of 2007 I’ve been blogging, sharing my recipes and domestic endeavors

Lately here in Meridian, we’ve been having muggy mornings followed by afternoon thunderstorms. As much as it would be nice to have less humidity in the air, I do love the thunderstorms. Today, I decided to take advantage of the rainy weather by puttering around in the kitchen doing a few experiments and a bit

We planted watermelons this year. Cute little ones that only get about 6 inches in diameter. So far our plant has only made 2. The first one? We picked it way too early. It’s impossible to tell when they’re ready! It had stayed the same size forever, was very heavy (so very juicy), so I

I’m a finalist in a contest over at Mark’s Daily Apple… the concept was to poke fun at conventional wisdom (for food/fitness/lifestyle) by using a clever post-it note. Here’s my submission: I think I had a clever concept and great photo… AND I prefer the real post-it photos to the photoshopped ones (seems they take

Our garden LOOKS impressive at this point. Our neighbors comment about how jealous they are that our garden is doing so well. By this they mean that they see lots of green leaves. I keep telling them I have no idea what I’m doing, and that it really isn’t doing THAT well… You see, we’re

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