Mar 13 2009
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Random Meals = DeeeLicious!

This was one of those “What do I need to use up?” meals? The things I needed to use up this time were a third of a jar of garlicky alfredo sauce, some carrots that were starting to get bendy, and part of a head of cauliflower. It came together beautifully though! The pasta is

Sweet Sick Man

My sweet guy got sick last week and didn’t get to fly from Sunday until this past Sunday… an entire week with no cockpit time. There was only a little bit of this: But there was a lot of grumping around and being angry at not being able to fly. But homemade turkey noodle soup

What’s going on in the kitchen tonight?

First of all… if you haven’t already bought the Motivated Moms planner, and your house isn’t spotless (thereby giving you an excuse not to need it)… GO BUY IT. It cycles through all the random crap you normally wouldn’t think of. Changing the air filter, checking your credit report,  cleaning your welcome mat, etc… Today’s

National Thrift Week – Pay Bills Promptly Day (and some Pizza)

I’m just curious about how other people pay their bills… I’ve heard of people putting envelopes in dated sections of a mail organizer, then filling each one on that date, stamping, and mailing… that seems more than a little antiquated to me. For us, we just have a few bills. I have a bookmark folder

Repeat: Yummy Chicken Broccoli Cheese Onion Casserole

There’s not much time now for a “real” post, so I’ll just taunt you with these photos… This is one of our favorite casseroles (not that I make casseroles much at all). It has tons of flavor, good texture (mmm… steamed-just-right broccoli). The recipe is here at this post. So, tomorrow we’re going to pack

I’m really sad because I wrote a whole big Thanksgiving post and after it posted successfully, it seems to have disappeared… I’m too sad about it right now to write it all over again. So I’ll just post a very short one. Zora helped me cook.

Thanksgiving eve – Preparations for the big day!

Here’s this year’s Wednesday schedule. I didn’t end up prepping the celery and cheese ball stuff, but I can do that tomorrow. It’ll only take a minute. Stuffing prep: Here are the lovely sourdough loaves I got at the gourmet shop in town. Sorry about the weird color… sometimes my camera doesn’t cooperate.

I haven’t actually done any prep for thanksgiving at all. I haven’t made any lists or schedules or anything! Luckily, last year I did this…  pre-Thanksgiving Preparations. Good stuff! I’m brining the turkey again (and now I know how I did it last year AND how long it took to cook last year), and making

He just came in here… looking scared… holding a pudding cup. He says, “Ever seen… pudding… with bubbles in it???” I said, “That’s tapioca babe. It’s good. Eat it.” He says, “Oh.” kind of quietly… and then sticks his finger in it.

A Homemade Italian Feast – Veggie+Meat Lasagna, Homemade Italian Bread

I wanted to have some friends over to enjoy our vegetable garden’s bounty with us, so we decided to have a semi-last-minute get-together. But because lots of people were going out of town, we changed it to a few days later. Which gave me time to figure out how to make bread. I’ve tried to

Aug 01 2008
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One reason I love my FoodSaver

I love my foodsaver vacuum sealer for many reasons. One is because we can buy meat when it’s on sale, do stuff to it (cutting goop off of chicken, which my sweet husband does), and then freeze it in a manner that will 1) take up less room in the freezer and 2) last significantly

Cooking in a mostly empty house – easy chicken Caesar salad

How easy can it get? Cut up some chicken and cook it in a pan, then throw it into one of those bagged Caesar salads. You know the ones… the lettuce is already cut and washed, and it includes the croutons and the dressing. Of course, it’s much more economical to make your own salad,

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