Living Room Makeover – Final Version!

Last week I wrote about how we rearranged the living room furniture to make the space flow a bit better. To remind you, this is the “before.” And this is sort of the after. The little upside-down table was helping to flatten the rug, and the coffee table was obviously not in its final position,

Living Room makeover

We LOVE this house, don’t get me wrong. It’s big and open and has a fantastic kitchen with a huge walk-in pantry. The only thing that’s been kind of awkward is the living room/dining room area. It’s basically a long rectangle. On one side, there is a 5 foot wide entrance to the kitchen, and

Navy Child Development Home (CDH)

Guess what I’ve been doing! For the last few months? Getting certified/licensed to teach preschool in my home. For the last week? Teaching 2 little girls. Very exciting! A long time ago, I was researching ways I could keep teaching (without dealing with state certifications every time we move) while my husband is in the

Sewing Room Plaque Project – Materials from Lowe’s!

Since moving to Meridian, Mississippi, I have mostly been limited to my current stash of craft materials. You see, here, there’s no Michael’s, AC Moore, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics… really no craft store that I am aware of. There is a nearby-ish fabric store in a neighboring town, but I haven’t been there yet. So

Meridian NAS House – on base housing

So, things are looking a lot nicer around here, as far as home decor goes. Now that we’ve finally been home for a couple of weeks, we’ve gotten some pictures on the walls and everything! Check out our guest room! Who wants to come visit?? The lamps don’t match, but that’s kind of lower priority

Post-Mover Chaos – NAS Meridian, MS

We tried to keep up with the movers as they unwrapped each of our belongings from the copious paper, cardboard, and tape. We really did! But it’s hard to put everything away as it’s unpacked when we’re still not sure where everything goes! So… some of it was somewhat organized-ish when the movers left, but

Our New Abode – NAS Meridian, MS

So, I showed you pictures of our little garden already, but not pictures of the house! Basically, we moved up to Meridian from Milton on May 16th (a Friday) and lived in a hotel (the CBQ or combined bachelor’s quarters, really) for 10 days. On May 25th (my birthday!) we moved out of the hotel

Milton, FL Craft Room/Office

I never did post pictures of my craft area in Milton, did I? I loved the color of the walls and the curtains (they were like that when we got there)… perfect. And they coordinated perfectly with my bulletin board and office chair, too. The desktop computer is only hooked up because I forgot to

Making your Guest’s Stay More Comfortable (I hope!): Finishing Touches

This is sort of part two to this post, “Getting Ready for a Guest, or How I Pulled a Guest Room Out of My Bum.” Now that my dear friend Meagan is safely on her airplane, I can tell you about the other things I did to get ready for her stay. But… I’m going

Getting Ready for a Guest, or How I Pulled a Guest Room Out of My Bum

So, since we’ve lived here in Milton, we’ve only had overnight guests once, and they were guys who couldn’t care less about where they slept or the condition of the house.Because of the lack of guests, the room intended to be the “guest room” quickly degenerated into this: This is the room in which we

Milton, FL Living Room and Dining Room

So, it doesn’t look terribly different from the living room my apartment in Columbia, SC or our row house in Pensacola, FL BUT I have to show off our new green wall. Whoever decided on the paint colors for this house chose them FOR ME. The green in the living room is perfect, as is

How to display your apron collection, or part of it anyway

Excuse my bread machine cord and the fact that the machine is sitting on a stool… this is what happens in a kitchen with no counter space. Anyway, I just clipped some of my favorite aprons up using clothespins. I’ll rotate some of my not-so-favorites with more-favorite aprons as I find them. You know how

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