I don’t think I new what a bunting was called until last year or so… I just thought “string of flags” or “pennants” or something. But a bunting it is, and it’s cute as anything. I made this bunting as a holiday decoration, and rather than sticking with red and green (not my fave, really),

I’ve got to say… after a couple mostly disappointing craft shows, my open house was insanely refreshing! As much as I prepped and set up for this, it was much less stressful than a show… I didn’t have to pack my things into boxes and shove them in the car at 6 in the morning

Nov 17 2008
Category: Decor. Homemaking

I hosted our squadron’s spouse club meeting tonight, and I thought it was a good time to take a few “decor” photos to share here. 🙂 #1 – the buffet/island + new Wall-O-Fam (we have 3 sets of parents and 6 siblings between our families (and two of those siblings have families of their own),

Autumn is my favorite season of all… finally, relief from all of those hot disgusting summer days! Pants and sweaters, hoodies and nice breezes… less humidity! It’s definitely a time to celebrate. This year, I did several decorations… a couple that I haven’t taken photos of (whoops! maybe I’ll add them tomorrow). First, the garden.

Last week I wrote about how we rearranged the living room furniture to make the space flow a bit better. To remind you, this is the “before.” And this is sort of the after. The little upside-down table was helping to flatten the rug, and the coffee table was obviously not in its final position,

We LOVE this house, don’t get me wrong. It’s big and open and has a fantastic kitchen with a huge walk-in pantry. The only thing that’s been kind of awkward is the living room/dining room area. It’s basically a long rectangle. On one side, there is a 5 foot wide entrance to the kitchen, and

Guess what I’ve been doing! For the last few months? Getting certified/licensed to teach preschool in my home. For the last week? Teaching 2 little girls. Very exciting! A long time ago, I was researching ways I could keep teaching (without dealing with state certifications every time we move) while my husband is in the

Since moving to Meridian, Mississippi, I have mostly been limited to my current stash of craft materials. You see, here, there’s no Michael’s, AC Moore, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics… really no craft store that I am aware of. There is a nearby-ish fabric store in a neighboring town, but I haven’t been there yet. So

So, things are looking a lot nicer around here, as far as home decor goes. Now that we’ve finally been home for a couple of weeks, we’ve gotten some pictures on the walls and everything! Check out our guest room! Who wants to come visit?? The lamps don’t match, but that’s kind of lower priority

We tried to keep up with the movers as they unwrapped each of our belongings from the copious paper, cardboard, and tape. We really did! But it’s hard to put everything away as it’s unpacked when we’re still not sure where everything goes! So… some of it was somewhat organized-ish when the movers left, but

So, I showed you pictures of our little garden already, but not pictures of the house! Basically, we moved up to Meridian from Milton on May 16th (a Friday) and lived in a hotel (the CBQ or combined bachelor’s quarters, really) for 10 days. On May 25th (my birthday!) we moved out of the hotel

I never did post pictures of my craft area in Milton, did I? I loved the color of the walls and the curtains (they were like that when we got there)… perfect. And they coordinated perfectly with my bulletin board and office chair, too. The desktop computer is only hooked up because I forgot to

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