This morning, I held a “Yard give.” Not a yard sale. Everything was free. It's part of my plan to give away 500 things by Christmas. Things i'm not using, even if I like them. Things I have duplicates of. Things that are just sitting around. Hopefully these things will find better homes where they'll

Join in the challenge to #Give500 things away! I'm still sorting through things to find stuff to give away. Today I went through two closets and some of my craft things and added LOTS more to my pile. It feels awesome to know that these things will soon be liberated from their uselessness and passed

So, I haven’t given these things yet… but I’ve been collecting. They’re in my garage now, and some of them are scheduled for pick-ups from friends. For the other things, I am thinking of doing a free yard sale next Saturday (this week I’m busy on Saturday). There’s a lot of good/nice stuff in here,

I have so much stuff…and a lot of it, I’m not using. I bet you’re in the same boat. But there are plenty of people who WOULD use that stuff. Maybe they need it, and can’t really afford it. Maybe they’ve been looking for just the thing you’re getting rid of. Maybe the item that’s

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