Feb 24 2012
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There are some things you should know about me, if you don’t already. 1) I’m pregnant and NESTING. 2) I love lists. 3) I’m really into Pinterest. 4) I’m pretty into yellow these days. Like, REALLY. It’s in my kitchen, living room, master bedroom, hall bathroom and baby’s room (along with different coordinating colors in

Feb 08 2012
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My little girl has lots of “hair things” and for a while, I just had them in a drawer in her dresser. But that’s not exactly the ideal storage solution… things get buried and you forget they’re there, or you KNOW there is a hair clip to match this outfit, but can’t find it, or

Mar 14 2011
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This is a sponsored post from BlogHer and Tropicana. You’ve heard about “waking up on the wrong side of the bed,” right? Some days, that happens. But often, you can get out of that morning funk if you make a conscious effort to start the day off with GOOD. Here are some little things I

Feb 15 2011
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This is sponsored content from BlogHer and GE. What do you do to conserve energy? Here’s what I do: Cloth: Why use something disposable when you can use cloth? (This goes for paper/plastic dishes, cups, and utensils too.) Sure I have paper towels around, but I rarely use them. Instead of storing them prominently within

Jan 18 2011
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Mostly. If you’ve been following my facebook page or my twitter, you know that I’ve been trying like crazy to get our internet connection set up. First, our modem got shipped from Texas to Pennsylvania. Yeah, we live in California. Last Tuesday our DSL was “activated” but we had no modem, so I called to

Dec 20 2010
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This is sponsored content from BlogHer and Olay. As you know, my husband is in the Navy and we have moved a lot. A LOT. And we’re moving again in January (not far, just to base, but still…), this move will be our 5th move in 4 years. And I’ve learned a few things about

Dehydrating Vegetables – Primal/Paleo Emergency Food Kit?

One thing about eating the way that we do – mostly meat, produce, eggs, and dairy – is that it makes it difficult to have a store of food ready in case of an emergency. On the east coast, that would mean hurricanes or tornadoes. Out here, that means possibly an earthquake (which my husband

Mar 19 2010
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Yard sale tomorrow!

So you know all the decluttering and organizing I’ve been doing? Tomorrow we’re going to try to get rid of some of the clutter by having a yard sale. Some of it has already sold because I listed it early on Craigslist, but now we’re just hoping to get rid of the rest and make

Oct 06 2009
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Military Move #4 – Navy PCS Across the Country

Yup, we’re moving again. This will be our fourth military move in 27 months. We won’t always be moving quite this often, but with the hubs in training, that means a lot of getting shuffled here and there. First, we spent 2 months in Pensacola, FL while he was in API (flight training ground school).

Feb 03 2009
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My little camera is starting to get on in years. It’s slowing down, and part of that may be that it just needs a new battery because the current one is reacting more slowly… but it also has some dead pixels where it doesn’t record any info. Normally you can’t tell but if that pixel

Jan 28 2009
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Earlier, I posted about the Motivated Moms chore planner (It should be in the “related links” at the bottom of this post in case you missed it.) and how amazing it is. What would be more amazing is if I actually kept up with it. Still, I love lists. And I love checking off boxes,

National Thrift Week – Pay Bills Promptly Day (and some Pizza)

I’m just curious about how other people pay their bills… I’ve heard of people putting envelopes in dated sections of a mail organizer, then filling each one on that date, stamping, and mailing… that seems more than a little antiquated to me. For us, we just have a few bills. I have a bookmark folder

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