National Thrift Week – Invest Safely Day

Today was Invest Safely Day. I’m no investment expert, but I know that everyone’s definitions of “safe” investments are going to be different. gives explanations about several different places to “park your cash,” along with pros and cons for each. What are your investment/savings plans? Do you have a favorite “parking space” for your

National Thrift Week – Are you observing it?

I had never heard of National Thrift Week until I read JD Roth’s post in Get Rich Slowly today (love that blog btw). An excerpt from the history of National Thrift Week reads: In 1916, with the First World War looming imminently on the horizon, the leaders of America’s major civic organizations launched an ambitious

The Motivated Moms Planner Rocks… (and I’m not a mom)

Let me tell you a few things about myself. I’m a person who loves lists. And I love how-to books. And bullets. And boxes to check off. And things to strike through. I’m the type of person who will add something she’s already done to her to-do list, just to be able to cross it

Thanksgiving eve – Preparations for the big day!

Here’s this year’s Wednesday schedule. I didn’t end up prepping the celery and cheese ball stuff, but I can do that tomorrow. It’ll only take a minute. Stuffing prep: Here are the lovely sourdough loaves I got at the gourmet shop in town. Sorry about the weird color… sometimes my camera doesn’t cooperate.

Pantry shuffle… or Reorganizing the FoodStuffs

My pantry was starting to bug me more and more each day. Things were in front of things I needed, the open boxes of crackers were mixed with unopened boxes, bags and boxes of pasta were everywhere… So do you want to know what I did? I took everything out of the pantry, cleaned the

Making your Guest’s Stay More Comfortable (I hope!): Finishing Touches

This is sort of part two to this post, “Getting Ready for a Guest, or How I Pulled a Guest Room Out of My Bum.” Now that my dear friend Meagan is safely on her airplane, I can tell you about the other things I did to get ready for her stay. But… I’m going

Getting Ready for a Guest, or How I Pulled a Guest Room Out of My Bum

So, since we’ve lived here in Milton, we’ve only had overnight guests once, and they were guys who couldn’t care less about where they slept or the condition of the house.Because of the lack of guests, the room intended to be the “guest room” quickly degenerated into this: This is the room in which we

Showing Real Simple how to Declutter

I love Real Simple magazine. Really. It’s always filled with tips for how to declutter or better organize your home. It has home decor tips and lots of pretty pictures. BUT it’s filled with advertisements. So much so that it’s difficult to find an article, even if you know what page it’s on (since the

Organizing All That Stationery

I’ve always been addicted to stationery. When I was six years old, my best friend Kelly Simon moved to Massachusetts, leaving me behind in South Carolina. We were pen pals for YEARS, writing constantly. When I was 8 and my oldest sister went to college, we exchanged letters frequently. Then, when I was 11, I

Solving the jewelry storage problem

For a while, my jewelry has been lumped together in a jewelry box. When I want to wear earrings, I have to hunt for mates… when I want to wear a necklace, I must first unravel it from a tangle of its cousins. Not anymore! If you have this problem too, you might enjoy making

how-to -make-a-gorgeous-bulletin-board-5

You will need: one picture frame, whatever size you like. I used 18″ x 24″ a piece of corrugated cardboard cut to fit your frame cork tiles, which you can find at Michael’s next to the whiteboards, about 10 dollars for 4 (12″ square) pretty fabric, a little larger than the area to be framed

May 28 2007
Desk Makeover

I was sitting at my desk, setting up Joyful Abode, when it occurred to me that nothing about my desk area was working. (Click this picture to see the tags in flickr.) Oh my goodness… horrible! I had “organizational things” but it wasn’t working for my needs. So I needed a change. At times like

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