Decluttering? 3 *Different* Questions to Ask Yourself

You’ve decided to declutter. You’re ready to go. The kids are napping, at school, or at the park with their dad. You’ve emptied your drawers or cabinets in whatever room you chose to go through first, and right now all you see is STUFF. But you’re motivated. Motivated to cut through the crap and only

Think you know how to do laundry? Think again. I was interviewed for this awesome collection of laundry tips and tricks on, and I shared some of my favorite laundry secrets: How to avoid musty smells while saving money. How to save time and (electrical) energy. & Permission to be a bit lazy (and

Menu Planning - Are you making these 3 mistakes?

Menu planning is a great way to get ready for your week. On grocery day, you’ll have a list of everything you actually need to buy (and nothing you don’t). Each day, you will know exactly what to prepare and cook. And every night, your family will gather around your table and be able to

What does this pine cone have to do with memories? Read the important lesson it taught me.

The pine cone taught me something last week, as I picked it up to dust underneath it, and noticed how it’s become a little bit broken, a little worse for wear.

How I simplified my entire life in two weeks. Amazing story!

A teacher from South Carolina had to make a decision: Move overseas, or have a baby? Either way, some simplifying was in order. Here’s how she did it in just 2 weeks.

4 Ways Your Stuff Convinces You to Keep It (And How to Say No)

Once we’re past decluttering all of the easy things, sometimes we hit a wall, because things try to convince us to keep them. Here’s how to say no.

How to Reclaim Your Time From Your Clutter

Our stuff uses up our time, even once we decide to get rid of it!
Reclaim your time from your clutter NOW. Here’s how!

how to make Facebook less annoying

Facebook can be really annoying. But it’s simple to take back your newsfeed. Here’s how to see what you want to see. You don’t have to quit.

How to Clear Your Mind When You Don't Have Time

When you don’t have time and your mind is muddled, you need to clear your mind quickly. Here are 4 great (fast) ways to quiet your mind.

improve your week with these 5 simple weekend actions

Monday’s coming. Feeling anxious? I’ve been there. Dinnertime rolls around and we realize we forgot to thaw the meat for the day’s meal. Or when our kids ask, “What are we doing today?” we’re not exactly sure what to tell them. As someone who works from home, it’s always apparent to me whether or not

What your purse contents say about your homemaking style

Your purse. It goes everywhere with you. Always by your side, it’s disguised as a fashion accessory. But what is it really? It’s a little piece of your home. And what might surprise you is that its contents are saying a lot about you and your homemaking style. “I’m thinking balls are to men, what

How a Busy Mama Crafter is Whipping the WIPs (in 5 Steps) - Get your crafts under control.

Do you have too many craft works-in-progress (WIPs)? I know the feeling. Here’s how to deal with them, get some done, and let go of guilt.

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