I let the water beads grow to their full potential over about 6 hours, then stirred in a few drops of lemon essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil. In no time, the kids were breathing clearly and feeling much better. Plus, they were having lots of fun, of course!

Maybe you’ve sorted, organized, and stored all of your kids outgrown baby clothes. It’s all labeled, so you’re good, right? Wrong. Here’s your guide.

And each of my kids got a little costume starter too. Joseph’s crocodile hat is so adorable… I’m not a huge fan of masks because they make you breathe in all their nasty fumes, get damp from the condensation of your breath, and limit your visibility… so this hat was perfect. All I would need to do to complete the costume is dress him in green from head to toe, and make him a simple crocodile tail.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve also been following our road trip… after over a week of basically living in the car, I really wish we had taken the BISSELL LiftOff part with us… the car wash vacuum hose doesn’t get in all the nooks and crannies in the car seats, and it looks pretty greusome in there.

We’re going to be on the road for THREE MONTHS. If you hang out with me in person, you know my car is basically already another home. The kids and I go a lot of places together, and I make sure to have changes of clothes, diapers and extra underwear, toys, books, potties, wraps/slings/carriers, snacks, and so on.

Even though I pinned tutorials for this before, I didn’t reference them, because how hard could it be? That’s why this isn’t a tutorial. You don’t need one.

Just paint the edges of the canvas, use a foam brush to put modpodge on the canvas, slap that photo on, and modpodge over it.

Lately, my daughter has been more into Real Kitchen Stuff. Wanting to help wash, peel, and cut fruits and veggies. Stirring and pouring. Wearing her little apron. Sweeping and cleaning spills. And standing inside the refrigerator, door open, scanning for snacks. So I figured it was time for a fully-functional toddler kitchen.

Last summer, we skipped having a garden (deployed husband, newborn). The year before, same story (deployed husband, baby, pregnant). But the year before THAT (husband home, pregnant) our garden was so fun. So since my husband was coming home, I planted another square foot garden this year. I posted about it on facebook (do you

How to design a baby nursery when you're sharing a room - making space for your new baby in the master bedroom.

  Designing a Baby Nursery (When You’re Sharing a Room) Before we had our first baby, Anneliese, I carefully arranged a special room just for her, even though we knew we would have her in our bedroom with us most of the time. With a 3-bedroom house, it was easy for her to have her

This morning, I held a “Yard give.” Not a yard sale. Everything was free. It's part of my plan to give away 500 things by Christmas. Things i'm not using, even if I like them. Things I have duplicates of. Things that are just sitting around. Hopefully these things will find better homes where they'll

Join in the challenge to #Give500 things away! I'm still sorting through things to find stuff to give away. Today I went through two closets and some of my craft things and added LOTS more to my pile. It feels awesome to know that these things will soon be liberated from their uselessness and passed

When I was pregnant with Anneliese, I redecorated my living room. We got a less oppressive coffee table, new wonderful couches that were exactly what I had in mind, and a pretty rug and curtains. I posted a picture on my facebook page, and got a horrified comment from a friend of a friend: Aren’t

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