toys and books theme planning worksheet printable

This printable is great for home schoolers or any parent who likes to present things as “units” to their child. This will help you to NOT forget which toys in each area you’d like to include, books to read, and songs to sing. Use the smaller boxes under the theme to keep track of dates

toy rotation tracking sheet

Once your toy rotation system is set up, keep track of how many times each toy has been in rotation. This will help you bring back “new” toys that haven’t been used much AND help you figure out which ones can be decluttered over time.

toy rotation checklist printable

Read about how (and why) to implement a toy rotation system, then print out this free checklist to help you stay on track. If you’re signed in, you’ll see the printable download link below. If you’re not a member yet, sign up for a free account here to get goodies like this!

toy basket labels printables - 4 different colors/designs, 3 pre-filled page and 1 blank page for each color

Each set of these toy basket organizing labels has 3 pages of pre-filled labels, and 1 page of blank labels. Put the large label on the toy basket or bin, and the smaller one on the shelf where that bin belongs. Then, teach your kids how to match the toys to the pictures to put

free printable lunch planners

I originally made these free printable lunch planners to go with my Simple Kids Lunches – 5 Steps to Never Running Out of Ideas blog post at ExtraordinaryMommy. But I wanted to make sure you could get them here too. How to use these printable lunch planners Step 1: Decide on the categories of foods you’ll include

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