I’ve already sort of posted this one before, but it’s so classic I have to remind you. Now that it’s summer and the berry farms are exploding with in-season fruit, take advantage of it! These blueberries are from our local CSA, and they are awesomely flavorful and juicy. This time, instead of whipping the cream

I’ve been looking for a great grain-free cookie recipe for a little bit now, mostly because I think my sweet husband (who has a sweet tooth to rival famous sweet teeth the world over) would like some cookies now and then. And, you know, so would I. Well the other day I found SUCCESS with

A couple nights ago, I made this cake, by throwing things into the stand mixer in a whirlwind, then dumping everything into the oven. And you know what? It worked. It was delicious, and my husband and I both enjoyed it for dessert, then for breakfast the next day. Oh, and it’s 100% Real Food

At first, when I was dabbling in the primal way of eating (grain free, whole, natural, unprocessed foods) I tried to get rid of our un-primal pantry staples by bringing them to parties. Fiesta night? I’ll make the Mexican rice! Recipe swap? I’ll bring pasta salad! Cookout? I’ll bring macaroni and (velveeta, fake) cheese with

For these smooth addictive (be careful!) summertime treats, you’ll need: 1/2 cup heavy cream 2 Tbsp whole milk 1 Tbsp maple syrup 1 Tbsp cocoa powder 1 tsp instant coffee granules 4 Popsicle molds Although my Popsicles were a little on the not-full side, so depending on the size of your molds, you may or

I’ve always been a fan of sweet and salty combos. Bacon-wrapped dates, fruit and cheese, that sort of thing. So here’s a sweet and salty dessert for you. It may sound a little unorthodox, but give it a try and you might just do what I did… gobble up the whole bowl, lick your lips,

If you’re cutting calories or trying to eat low-fat foods, you’re probably looking for snacks for 150 calories or fewer to enjoy this summer. Here’s an “ice cream sandwich” with 150 calories for a pretty large portion. Thaw some Cool Whip Free on the counter for a little while so it gets soft. You’ll need

Make this for a healthier-than-cherry-pie dessert, or eat it for breakfast. Come on, you know it’s better than those “whole wheat” lucky charms even if there is chocolate in it. Layer: vanilla yogurt sliced strawberries mini chocolate chips vanilla yogurt sliced strawberries mini chocolate chips Of course you can use whatever fruits you want, or

This delicious dessert tastes like a decadent treat, but is so simple and fresh you’ll want it every day of the week. You’ll need: strawberries blueberries other berries or cherries, if you’d like heavy whipping cream a sweetener, if desired (sugar or stevia) cinnamon If you have an electric mixer, this will be quick! If

These muffins are amazingly rich and delicious, almost like a brownie, but with the fluffiness of a muffin. When I was in college, before they switched to Otis Spunkmeyer, the little bakery in the food court used to have AMAZING chocolate chocolate-chunk muffins. I’d buy one and eat it all day long (they were huge).

This is the simplest thing ever, but it’s very impressive looking. I’m right, right? I made some dark chocolate shavings to go on the hot chocolate at my open house tonight. Firstly, they are DELICIOUS over hot chocolate + marshmallows. Secondly, they’re SO EASY.

Have I ever mentioned that Autumn is my favorite season? I love the smells, the crunchy leaves, blah blah blah (I’ll stop because I think I started another recent post this way. haha! Anyway, this is one of those autumnal foods that I love so much. Chocolate chip pumpkin nut bread. It’s called bread but

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