I am SUCH a fan of Zucchinis, I get so excited whenever our plants start producing. And the grocery-store ones never seem to measure up to our garden ones… just such creamy delicious flesh, thin tender peel (with no gross waxy stuff rubbed on it). So when we had four ripe zucchinis at once, I

Another delicious salad with our CSA bounty. This one is: leaf lettuce (CSA) tomato wedges (CSA) sharp cheddar cheese ham from the deli honey-mustard dressing To make honey-mustard dressing, I just squeezed a good amount of mustard into a little bowl, then added some honey and stirred. After that, I whisked in olive oil until

Have I mentioned yet how much I love my CSA? Well, I do. And lately they’ve been sending us gorgeous huge bunches of leaf lettuce, along with juicy flavorful tomatoes (a nice reprieve from the mealy flavorless grocery store tomatoes!!!). Combine that with gorgeous getting-warmer-each-week weather, and what could be more obvious than SALADS? I

Note: You probably won’t drool at my pictures much, since I was cooking this at 9:30 at night and taking snapshots with my phone… but you can skip over to the link to the original for pretty ones. Sorry I didn’t deliver this time! Inspired by Pastor Ryan’s Eggs Florentine casserole… basically I looked at

One problem I tend to have with a lot of meat recipes is the sauce… so often recipes call for bottled sauces loaded with sugar, or soup packets mixed with ketchup and coke (not even kidding), or various other gross-sounding concoctions. So for this braised beef short rib recipe, I decided to just wing the

This was one of those random “gotta make something for dinner and have no meat thawed” meals. Not really well thought-out, but it was decently tasty. First I cooked some spaghetti squash (poked holes in it with a knife, and baked it at 350 for about an hour, then cut it in half and let

We got leeks last Tuesday in our CSA basket, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them. I know they’re basically like big huge fat green onions, but didn’t really have a plan for them. So I googled around and found things like potato leek soup, cauliflower leek soup, things like that. So

This is SUCH a simple meal to make that it is one of our standards. If we don’t have anything else planned, heck, there are probably some chicken thighs in the freezer we can thaw, and we always have some sort of veggie lying around that we can throw in the oven to roast, right?

Yesterday I hit 20 weeks in this pregnancy. A lot of people will say, “Wow, 20 weeks! You’re halfway through! But that’s only part true… while a pregnancy may last 40 weeks on average, for some reason (as I mentioned before) it’s measured from the first day of the last menstrual period, so for the

So a while ago, I bought a brisket in the grocery store, all excited because they are YUMMY. But I couldn’t find a recipe I liked the sound of enough to thaw the meat and do it… and then, well, you know… I was a bit uninspired for a while too due to pregnancy exhaustion/nausea/aversions.

This is a totally random meal – there was no planning in regard to the things that would end up on the plate together. Basically we had collard greens in our CSA basket, so I wanted to cook those… husband wanted to cook hot wings, and then I felt like making guacamole out of a

Jan 17 2010
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This meat dish is something I’m calling Italian Chili. It was similar to meat spaghetti sauce, but not as “wet” or saucy, spicier, and I ate it in a bowl, not on top of anything… with provolone cheese melted on top (but the cheese covered up the stuff so that picture wasn’t very exciting). It

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