Some nights you might only have a few minutes to cook, or you don’t feel like thawing meat, worrying about seasonings, or preheating the oven. This is a perfect meal for those nights. All you need is a smoked sausage from your grocery store or local butcher (try to get one without added sugar or

At first, when I was dabbling in the primal way of eating (grain free, whole, natural, unprocessed foods) I tried to get rid of our un-primal pantry staples by bringing them to parties. Fiesta night? I’ll make the Mexican rice! Recipe swap? I’ll bring pasta salad! Cookout? I’ll bring macaroni and (velveeta, fake) cheese with

This simple chicken salad is healthy and fresh, a unique combination of a slightly sweet dressing, tart dried cranberries, and pungent feta cheese. Add walnuts for a bit of texture interest, and put everything over shredded chicken breast meat… it’s perfect on its own, or in a pita, lettuce wrap, on crackers, in an endive

Crustless quiche is such an easy thing to make. Decide on your fillings, make a custard, throw it in a pie pan, and bake. It’s the low-carb version of the pasta/rice casserole, and somehow it seems eons fancier, too. If you say “quiche for dinner,” it makes people around you raise their eyebrows, impressed, and

So, I have to tell you that since posting this recipe for breakfast sausage, I’ve pretty much had breakfast sausage in the fridge almost every day, ready to go. I typically make a batch a week, though sometimes I skip a week… But it’s not always the same recipe. I’ve come up with a spicy

I’ve never been a make-soup-from-scratch kind of girl… but I have no idea why not. I loved the idea of homemade soup, and enjoyed it when other people made it, but was somehow scared of making anything more complicated than plain old chicken soup. But this recipe is simple to make, delicious, and un-terrifying.  If

I have to preface this with a note: I have made this THREE TIMES already since its discovery. That is how good it is. I made it 3 times before I could post the recipe. The first time (its discovery) was when I came home from Massachusetts and the husband had dutifully worked his way

This was the meal we cooked together for our second anniversary. I was in the kitchen, and he was on the grill. And together? One harmonious meal. (And yet another meal that takes only 15 minutes or so to prepare… 20 to be generous. The steaks: 2 NY strip steaks EVOO chili powder garlic powder

I can’t eat tuna from a can. I’ve never been able to. It smells like cat food to me. Sorry if you like it and I offended you, but… open a can of cat food and you’ll know where I’m coming from. Maybe you smell the cat food and think, “Mmm! Canned tuna!” But that

Aug 27 2009

I made this salad for lunch one day from leftover steak. It was pretty nice! Top some butterhead lettuce with carrot ribbons (just use a vegetable peeler on the whole carrot to cut it into thin strips). Add rasins, and toss with a honey mustard vinaigrette dressing. Plate and top with slices of cold leftover

This dish had great flavor but it wasn’t my favorite thing in the world. If I were to make it again, I’d probably sautee the veggies separately and serve them beside the chicken, which I would cook with the marinade but without the stock… basically, I’d bake the chicken, not braise it. I wouldn’t go

I posted a lighter, more salad-like spaghetti squash recipe earlier, but if you need something with protein and heft, this is another way to eat that versatile veggie. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit. Cut your spaghetti squash in half, and de-seed it. Place cut-sides-down in a baking dish and bake for 40 minutes.

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