More Asian Noodles… a bit different this time

Remember the last time I made Asian noodles? I had an extra steak which I threw in the freezer… Well I used it in another incarnation of the noodle bow. This time I did it a little differently… my veggies were bamboo, baby corn, mung bean sprouts, and snow peas (which I blanched). Man, I

Marinate + Freeze at the same time = FAST barbeque chicken

I have an issue with crockpots… I love the idea (and love when I actually plan and use it for something) but it means I have to be thinking about dinner 4-8 hours before dinner happens. I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants cook, so freezer marinating is a great deal for me. When we buy a

Faux-ganoff Stroganoff Recipe

I don’t know what “real” stroganoff is, to tell the truth. I think it’s usually made with beef strips or chunks, not ground beef. But I have to tell you, one of the things I remember loving as a kid was the stroganoff hamburger helper my dad would occasionally make, with an extra dollop of

Asian Noodles with Beef and Peppers

Preface: I don’t know anything about Asian cooking. But I love Asian food. I didn’t use a recipe for this, or even read recipes in preparation… and let me tell you. This trial was not an error. It was a success. Delicious. But probably not “authentic.” First, I started marinating some beef in the fridge

Turkey Tacos with Cinnamon and Cumin

I saw this recipe several years ago on one of those fat-guy-learning-to-exercise-and-eat-right shows… I don’t remember what show it was. But my mouth was watering as they were making this so-simple meal, and the next day I got some taco shells so I could do it too. Not only is it low-fat and full of

Made-From-Scratch Turkey Noodle/Dumpling Soup (With Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey)

This is just what I needed to treat my post-craft-show cold. Made-from-scratch turkey noodle soup, just like grandma would make if she were into making stuff like this. Remember the turkey stock I made and froze? Well I started with that. I dumped in a 3-cup frozen block of stock, along with 3 cups of

Making Homemade Turkey Stock – Recipe

Last year, I didn’t do anything with the turkey’s carcass after we had carved and eaten the meat… and the neck and giblets? Straight into the trash, they went! This year, I wanted to actually use all that good nutritious goodness, so I made stock. This was one of those trial and success (versus trial

I can’t NOT share this salad with you – And Low-Fat Ranch Dip + Ranch Dressing Recipes

So this was my AMAZING dinner tonight… so delicious. Who says salads are just summer fare? So, we marinated and grilled some chicken breasts… The Guy wanted rice to go with them, so I made wild/long grain rice a roni rice, and added a ton of spinach to it (yum!). Now, remember all the veggies

Delightful Chicken B.L.T. Salad (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, of course)

Here in Mississippi, Summer is still in full force, and light summer meals can’t be beat. I love BLT sandwiches, but for a filling dinner, I decided to make a chicken BLT salad. I wanted to keep things on the light side, so I cooked my chicken without any oil… just sprinkled with ranch dressing

Pasta with Tomato/Cream(milk)/White White Sauce

When our tomato plants were still alive and well (before a week straight of rain killed them with root rot), we got quite a bounty of ripe red tomatoes from them. I decided to make a yummy “wing-it” type pasta sauce with them. So first I cut them up and de-seeded them, but really I

Sommer’s Mexican Chicken Wrap

Another Navy wife here, Sommer, has a great website called Real Moms, Real Fit. She has a lot of healthy recipes, low-cal snack ideas, and fitness tips on her site. I decided to try out her Mexican Chicken recipe. According to Sommer’s site, one serving (of just the chicken/topping, not including tortilla or sour cream)

Simple Steam-Fried Pork Wontons

Steam-Fried Dumpling/Wontons are one of my favorite things at Asian restaurants. And recently, thanks to my Thai friend Cye showing me how she makes hers (fried, not steam-fried though), I’ve decided “I can do that!” For my filling, I just kind of threw some junk together. I wanted to use ground pork, but our commissary

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