Jun 04 2012
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I’ve been enjoying smoothies lately, and wanted to make a streamlined easy-to-grab smoothie option for myself, instead of mixing 5 different things (obviously this one is only 3 things, but you know what I mean) when I decide I want one. So this is my first ready-to-go smoothie. It made 8 baggies and I enjoyed

Nov 20 2010
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So incredibly simple, so delicious. Sweet husband and I are enjoying mugs of it, watching the latest episode of Bones on Hulu while our baby girl sleeps in the other room. (Grossly enough, this Bones episode has them finding a decomposed body in the world’s largest chocolate bar… but it doesn’t bother me at all

Jun 28 2010
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38 Weeks, and Staying Patient (Pregnancy Iced Tea)

Pregnancy iced tea: Heat 4 cups of water. Throw in 3 bags of Red Raspberry Leaf tea. Throw in 1 bag of other tea (I did peppermint, then green chai, and tonight’s is green tea + some lemon slices) for variety Dump in 3 packets of Truvia Let steep several minutes. Remove tea bags, and

Oct 11 2009
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Coconut Drink Recipe

When I was in China, one of my favorite beverages (other than lightly sweetened iced jasmine tea) was coconut milk. It came in a bottle, ready to drink, unlike canned coconut milk here which is extremely thick and nothing like the light drink I guzzled in TaiZhou. So for years, I’ve tried to find that

Nov 19 2008
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Warm Spiced Apple Cider

Note: That’s Spiced, as in “with spices.” Not spiked, as in “with rum.” Although I did have rum there, thanks to Margo. And several people mentioned that it was extra-yummy with rum. It’s a delightful beverage for an autumnal gathering, and it’s even good cold the next day (and reheats just fine). Get some spices

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