Easiest Deviled Eggs - Use your favorite recipe, but mix the filling in a ziplock freezer bag. Then, just cut off the corner and pipe the filling directly into the eggs. No mess!

Deviled eggs aren’t hard to make. So what’s the big deal about an “easiest” method? It’s just the fact that there’s no mess at all. +7 Recipes!


For my spinach salad recipe (which we took to Paige and Greg’s house for Thanksgiving), I needed to cook a pound of bacon. I didn’t feel like doing batch after batch in a pan, so I cooked it in the oven. So easy! You know that pre-cooked bacon you can buy in the store? You

Chinese Broccoli – or How to Cook Vegetables

I could sit here and pretend I’m about to write some sort of magnificent recipe. Or I could tell you the truth. Here’s the truth: To make veggies that are delicious, you just need 3 things. A cooking technique. Pick one: boil, steam, stir-fry, blanch, grill, broil, roast, etc… the list goes on. A fat.

How to Roast Red Peppers (and 12 ways to use them)

Roasting peppers is a simple thing to do, but it seems so “gourmet” that few home cooks even attempt it. When I want roasted peppers though, I don’t generally want to pay $10+ for a little jar of them in the gourmet section of the grocery store. I’d much rather get $10 worth of peppers

How to Steam Broccoli in the Microwave

Honestly, I don’t understand when people say, “I don’t like vegetables.” Like vegetables are a whole group of unappealing foods or something… and they’re all the same. But in my opinion vegetables are some of the best things EVER. Especially when they come from your own garden or from a local farmer. They are so

Dark Chocolate Shavings – How To

This is the simplest thing ever, but it’s very impressive looking. I’m right, right? I made some dark chocolate shavings to go on the hot chocolate at my open house tonight. Firstly, they are DELICIOUS over hot chocolate + marshmallows. Secondly, they’re SO EASY.

How to Cut a Bell Pepper the Easy Way

I used to cut bell peppers in half lengthwise, rip out the seeds and the stem, rinse the loose seeds off in the sink, then cut it up… That’s simple enough, but honestly, this way is even nicer because you don’t have to deal with the seeds at all. I think after cutting 3 bell

How to Easily Peel Tomatoes

Tomatoes are such a lovely fruit. I enjoy them so many ways… but I am insanely picky about them. I don’t like to eat the ooky seed/slime part, so I always de-seed my tomatoes before slicing them or cooking them. I am also kind of weird about the skin. It’s fine if I’m eating slices

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