Making Homemade Turkey Stock – Recipe

Last year, I didn’t do anything with the turkey’s carcass after we had carved and eaten the meat… and the neck and giblets? Straight into the trash, they went! This year, I wanted to actually use all that good nutritious goodness, so I made stock. This was one of those trial and success (versus trial

Chocolate Dark-Chocolate Chip Muffins

These muffins are amazingly rich and delicious, almost like a brownie, but with the fluffiness of a muffin. When I was in college, before they switched to Otis Spunkmeyer, the little bakery in the food court used to have AMAZING chocolate chocolate-chunk muffins. I’d buy one and eat it all day long (they were huge).

Dark Chocolate Shavings – How To

This is the simplest thing ever, but it’s very impressive looking. I’m right, right? I made some dark chocolate shavings to go on the hot chocolate at my open house tonight. Firstly, they are DELICIOUS over hot chocolate + marshmallows. Secondly, they’re SO EASY.

Nov 20 2008
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Bruschetta Pizza-dilla

It’s the lovechild of a menage a trois between bruschetta, pizza, and a quesadilla. And it is beautiful. Last night, I had intended to use the bruschetta topping in our dinner, but it didn’t happen… so all night, the flavors melded together in the fridge. The topping consisted of: A little bit of canned tomatoes

Warm Spiced Apple Cider

Note: That’s Spiced, as in “with spices.” Not spiked, as in “with rum.” Although I did have rum there, thanks to Margo. And several people mentioned that it was extra-yummy with rum. It’s a delightful beverage for an autumnal gathering, and it’s even good cold the next day (and reheats just fine). Get some spices

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Nut Bread Recipe

Have I ever mentioned that Autumn is my favorite season? I love the smells, the crunchy leaves, blah blah blah (I’ll stop because I think I started another recent post this way. haha! Anyway, this is one of those autumnal foods that I love so much. Chocolate chip pumpkin nut bread. It’s called bread but

I can’t NOT share this salad with you – And Low-Fat Ranch Dip + Ranch Dressing Recipes

So this was my AMAZING dinner tonight… so delicious. Who says salads are just summer fare? So, we marinated and grilled some chicken breasts… The Guy wanted rice to go with them, so I made wild/long grain rice a roni rice, and added a ton of spinach to it (yum!). Now, remember all the veggies

How to Cut a Bell Pepper the Easy Way

I used to cut bell peppers in half lengthwise, rip out the seeds and the stem, rinse the loose seeds off in the sink, then cut it up… That’s simple enough, but honestly, this way is even nicer because you don’t have to deal with the seeds at all. I think after cutting 3 bell

Easy 2-hour Focaccia: Recipe and Photo-Tutorial

This recipe makes me SO happy! It’s super-simple and definitely quick (in a land where making any kind of non-bread-machine-bread seems like a day-long project). Plus, you can vary the toppings to mix it up a bit. One time, I topped it with a pizza seasoning mix I improvised, which made delicious dippable breadsticks. Another

Best Bread Machine Bread – Honey Wheat version

I was looking for recipes for a good sandwich bread to make in the bread machine, and came across this recipe on allrecipes. At 4.5 stars and almost 500 reviews, I decided to give it a go! Of course, after reading some of the reviews, I decided to try a honey wheat version instead, since

Grape Pie – believe it or not!

A little bit ago, I got on a serious fruit kick. And one day, I went to the grocery store and I swear I bought out their produce section. Which led to a lot of very happy fruit consumption, but it also led to some fruit looking a little sad by the time I got

Sweet Potato Chips with Cinnamon

This is another one from Real Moms Real Fit. I made these one day as a yummy between-meals snack. You’ll need: Sweet potatoes cooking spray olive oil or olive oil spray cinnamon I also added Kosher salt, because I’m a fan of sweet/salty. I washed and peeled my sweet potatoes first. You don’t need to

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