Steam-Fried Dumpling/Wontons are one of my favorite things at Asian restaurants. And recently, thanks to my Thai friend Cye showing me how she makes hers (fried, not steam-fried though), I’ve decided “I can do that!” For my filling, I just kind of threw some junk together. I wanted to use ground pork, but our commissary

OK this is pretty odd… I have “a way” that I like to make boxed macaroni and cheese. Which is kind of ridiculous, but it always turns out really yummily. YES! Spiderman! I cook the pasta in salted water… And meanwhile, I mix the milk and fake gross cheese powder.

This was a VERY tasty dinner… also prepared in our humble hotel suite. we were lucky enough to have an oven in ours, but I’m sure this is adaptable to a stovetop or even a campfire if you’re looking for a camping recipe. Sprinkle both sides of pork cutlets with lemon pepper seasoning. Make a

Tomatoes are such a lovely fruit. I enjoy them so many ways… but I am insanely picky about them. I don’t like to eat the ooky seed/slime part, so I always de-seed my tomatoes before slicing them or cooking them. I am also kind of weird about the skin. It’s fine if I’m eating slices

homemade healthy granola bar recipe

This Homemade Healthy Granola Bar Recipe is so easy to make, with endless flavor combinations possible. You’ll want to make it every week.

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