If you need to take something to a Labor Day picnic or barbecue, this is the perfect low-carb dish. It’s certainly crowd pleasing, and it’s a snap to make! Zingy Cauliflower Salad Ingredients: cauliflower – “chunked” and steamed mayonnaise dijon mustard celery – diced or sliced salt and pepper Whisk together the mayonnaise and the

Well, happy birthday to him yesterday. And as a birthday gift to all of you? I give you this cake. And since I made it with a 3-week-old baby who is nursing constantly when she is awake… you know it must be easy. Plus it’s grain-free and gluten-free. Score! And my husband just wouldn’t be

Yes, I’m still pregnant, still in Prodromal Labor… consistent contractions all day and night, but that’s just the “problem.” They’re not getting more intense, so… I’m left in limbo. And what do people in limbo do? Bake cookies! (And make tomato basil sauce out of the TONS of tomatoes from our garden, but I didn’t

One of the first things my husband requested when our zucchini plant started producing was, “Something like fried zucchini, maybe with parmesan cheese for the coating?” So we’ll give him the credit for basically inventing these. And they were GOOD. Even the leftovers were great cold or room temperature (though they also re-warmed just fine).

My foray into baking with nut butters began with this gluten-free grain-free muffin recipe. It was delicious, but as I mentioned, the next day they were a tad dry (easily remedied by spreading on some butter). In my next incarnation of the grain-free cake recipe, I added a banana, which rectified the dryness completely. With

I’ve already sort of posted this one before, but it’s so classic I have to remind you. Now that it’s summer and the berry farms are exploding with in-season fruit, take advantage of it! These blueberries are from our local CSA, and they are awesomely flavorful and juicy. This time, instead of whipping the cream

I could sit here and pretend I’m about to write some sort of magnificent recipe. Or I could tell you the truth. Here’s the truth: To make veggies that are delicious, you just need 3 things. A cooking technique. Pick one: boil, steam, stir-fry, blanch, grill, broil, roast, etc… the list goes on. A fat.

So, my potato-eating life has been infinitely better since I learned the secret to crispy homemade french fries. Since then, I’ve made crispy fries and hash browns many times, usually frying in bacon grease, though occasionally in olive oil and/or coconut oil if we were low on the pig-fat. Well, recently I made homemade beef

I’ve been looking for a great grain-free cookie recipe for a little bit now, mostly because I think my sweet husband (who has a sweet tooth to rival famous sweet teeth the world over) would like some cookies now and then. And, you know, so would I. Well the other day I found SUCCESS with

Edited/Updated 12/10/2011: So I was going to make this again, but I didn’t have any cream, so I did it differently, and then kind of went off my original recipe like whoa… and it was amazing. I roasted 2 small heads of cut-up cauliflower (one large one would be good) with just a bit of

A couple nights ago, I made this cake, by throwing things into the stand mixer in a whirlwind, then dumping everything into the oven. And you know what? It worked. It was delicious, and my husband and I both enjoyed it for dessert, then for breakfast the next day. Oh, and it’s 100% Real Food

So recently, I’ve been going through my internet bookmarks trying to sort things out – deleting bookmarks, and clipping things to Evernote (which OMG I am LOVING by the way). And I came across this recipe for Nut Butter Muffins on Grain-Free Foodies. Well I’ve had a jar of almond butter in my fridge for

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