30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking has meal plans, shopping lists, and all of the recipes for a month of paleo cooking and eating. But my absolute favorite part is 2 pages near the back. Read to see why!

What do you give a teething baby to soothe their poor inflamed gums? I have a list of options. Teething tablets, Camilla drops, Ibuprofen…and pickle pops?

Dec 17 2012
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Earlier this year, I joined this campaign by Mary Kay and still use the lipstick (a shade I wouldn’t have picked up on my own) nearly daily, so I figured maybe I would find something else amazing this time too. Here’s what was in my box: Mary KayÆ Compact Mini This little compact is a

I'm so excited about MommyCon Mini, a conference for forward-thinking natural mamas. One of my girlfriends and I are making the trip to Las Vegas in January to meet The Mommy Dialogues moms, hear Jessica (aka The Leaky Boob) and Jamie (aka The Baby Guy NYC) speak, and attend workshops about…   Baby & Toddler

It's MmmMonday again, and that means I'm back to review another food-related book from my shelf! This time, it's Sarah Fragoso's Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship.   This is a kids' book, written in halfway-to-comic-book style, about a kid named Jimmy who doesn't want to eat the new weird Paleo foods (like

I was so excited when I saw this book pop up in my instagram feed, and when it arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks later, I flipped through it with glee. Like Paleo Indulgences, another Victory Belt publication, Paleo Slow Cooking has a thumbnail-index of recipes in the front. I love this style

This week, I’m introducing MmmMonday! Each week, I’m going to try a recipe from one of my cookbooks, let you know how it goes, and give a quick review of the book. You can join in too by linking up with something awesome you cooked this week! The first book I’m reviewing is Tammy Credicott’s

Anneliese loves to read. From the moment she wakes up to just before bed, she loves to carry books around, flip through their pages and study the pictures and the letters that make up the words which make up the stories. She’s fascinated with them. She’s enthralled by the tales. Captivated by the illustrations. “Book”

We got the chance to review this LEGO DUPLO Read & Build set this week, and what a fun toy it is! It’s designed to help children engage with books by building with the DUPLO blocks as they go through the story. This deeper level of engagement with the story will theoretically help the kids

Jul 05 2012
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I got to try out a new body wash from Dove in the last couple of weeks. Dove® VisibleCare™ Toning Crème Body Wash is the one I received in the mail, which is supposed to promote skin’s elasticity and strength. But there is also a “Renewing” (to nourish and replenish skin) and a “Softening” (to

As a stay-at-home mama, a breast pump isn’t the most necessary piece of baby equipment for me. But they certainly have their place, especially for working moms, or mothers who must be away from their children for several hours at a time. And an electric pump is a good thing to have around if you’re

Jun 18 2012
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“I’m celebrating the 5th anniversary of turning 29!” Whenever I hear this, I always feel a bit…sad…for these women. I say women because I’ve never heard a man say this, or anything similar to this, or complain about a birthday or “being old.” Except for my husband when he says things like, “I’m such an

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