This weekend I went to San Francisco with girlfriends, and got back late last night, so didn’t take my 22-week pictures until today. But here they are, along with my note to Baby Girl. Does anyone have a pregnant-yoga DVD to recommend? I feel like I want to stretch and stuff, but the stretches I’m

I don’t’ need a lot of words for this one! I’m 21 weeks “along” now and our sweet baby is doing just fine. We got to see her on Thursday, and she is measuring perfectly and all of her organs are developing well and in working order. She wiggled around a LOT during the anatomy

Yesterday I hit 20 weeks in this pregnancy. A lot of people will say, “Wow, 20 weeks! You’re halfway through! But that’s only part true… while a pregnancy may last 40 weeks on average, for some reason (as I mentioned before) it’s measured from the first day of the last menstrual period, so for the

I guess I should’ve done something cute like dress in pink and hold a giant heart or something, but today it’s blue and just me. This is a fun project so far and it’s really making me reflect on THIS WEEK versus letting the whole “journey” blur together – I like that. About the banana

Yesterday I “turned” 18 weeks “old” in my pregnancy – with the weird way that pregnancies are measured at least in the US (from the last menstrual period), that means my baby is 16 weeks along. I’m definitely out of the first trimester, though still have some lingering “effects”… sleepiness, exhaustion, food aversions… but not

I’ve been away from the blog for more than one reason. I guess I should air them out and let you in on my life, right? 1) First there was the move, and the unpacking and settling-in. That excused me for maybe a week and a half. 2) Then my husband was away at survival

Tell us about what we see in your photos. This is my corner in our basement. My husband picked up the table for $10 at a thrift store, and it’s been great. I have my papers standing up in napkin holders, small drawers on the table for things like stickers, adhesives, pens and small tools.

Tell us about what we see in your photos. This is where I create and design everything. From the idea to choosing the fabric to cutting and sewing and the final touches and sometimes big crisis when something doesn’t turn out how I want it to…A lot of laughs and tears happen in my little

Tell us about what we see in your photos.First all forgive me for the quality of my pictures. We are currently shopping and saving for a much better camera. I suppose I’m still in the beginning stages of my sewing space. I just starting sewing about two years and didn’t really set up my space

Tell us about what we see in your photos. The tour starts outside, because that is a big source of my inspiration. I am surrounded by rolling hills covered with ancient oak trees, and wildlife abounds just outside my door. We are visited daily by up to a dozen deer at a time, who graze

Tell us about what we see in your photos. My little corner is in the sun room on the side of my house. It’s my favorite space in the house because of all the light and the lovely pumpkin color. Mostly my one year old and I spend a lot of time out here, what

Tell us about what we see in your photos. This room is the top floor of my apartment. My boyfriend, Frank, and I pretty much got our apartment because of this room. We knew we would turn it into our studio/office space. The right side is Frank’s… and the ever growing left side is mine.

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