Step 1: Find a Welsh Corgi or two. Preferably the Pembroke type. Mmm… feisty little herding dogs! My friend Liz has two of them, Rocco and Maggie. Rocco tends to freak Zora out a little so he didn’t get to play this time. Here’s Zora and Maggie. Step 2: Release Corgis and your dog into

When I posted before about the snow here in Mississippi, I asked if anyone wanted me to upload videos of Zora’s reactions, but warned that I probably would regardless of your desires. So here they are! No, it didn’t snow again. It’s actually been in the 70s lately. I’m just finally getting around to posting

His job: Student naval aviator (advanced – tailhook), just finished a bunch of formation flights. The first plane in the movie is being flown by him. My job: Illustration and teaching kids. In one word? “Coloring” sums it up pretty well (of course I do other things too). This is what I did at work

My sweet guy got sick last week and didn’t get to fly from Sunday until this past Sunday… an entire week with no cockpit time. There was only a little bit of this: But there was a lot of grumping around and being angry at not being able to fly. But homemade turkey noodle soup

Feb 10 2009
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Zora learned spinning a long time ago, but I’ve always had to move my arm in a big circle as the cue to spin… so for the February training challenge for an online dog training community, I wanted to teach her how to do it with a more subtle cue. With some GOOD treats (turkey

My little camera is starting to get on in years. It’s slowing down, and part of that may be that it just needs a new battery because the current one is reacting more slowly… but it also has some dead pixels where it doesn’t record any info. Normally you can’t tell but if that pixel

Dec 01 2008
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In June, we adopted Zora from the East Mississippi Animal Rescue. This photo is dated in May, because we really adopted her in May, but then went out of town, so we took her home in June when we got back. Since then, she’s been a wonderful companion and an excellent cuddler. It’s so fun

I’m really sad because I wrote a whole big Thanksgiving post and after it posted successfully, it seems to have disappeared… I’m too sad about it right now to write it all over again. So I’ll just post a very short one. Zora helped me cook.

So I probably should’ve written sometime in the last couple weeks about this… but so much was going on! First, we went to South Carolina for a week, and since then we’ve been settling in and getting our newest family member used to the way things work here. About a week before we went to

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