A couple of weeks ago, I bought a bunch of apples and whipped up some Cinnamon Applesauce. I didn't use any “established” recipe, but how can you go wrong with something so simple? All applesauce is is cooked apples, mushed up or blended, really.

I filled my crock pot with apples, peeled (because they're not organic), cored, and sliced. Then I added a splash of lemon juice, about 1/4 cup of brown sugar, and 2 cinnamon sticks.


Then? I just covered it and cooked it all day. Every now and then, I took the lid off and stirred it around. In my mind, it was to distribute the cinnamon, but in reality it was just because I was nosy and excited.

In the evening, I took it out (hence the dark not-great picture of it), removed the cinnamon sticks and discarded them, and gave everything a good stir to break up the apples a bit more. SO delicious warm right out of the crock pot.

There was enough to enjoy a little bowl of it right away, put a pint in the fridge, and put two pints away in the freezer for later.


I froze the applesauce in plastic screw-top freezer containers. I've frozen in glass jars before and had the glass shatter on me while thawing, so I'm not super excited to do it again any time soon. Not only was there glass everywhere, but the food was wasted too. Maybe it was just a few bad jars, but… plastic is fine for me right now.

Anneliese liked this applesauce, but I think she'll like it more if I blend it to be smoother… she is used to commercial applesauce and I think the chunks were a bit weird for her. I loved it though. Joey hasn't tasted it yet, but when I thaw the next container of it, he will!

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5 Comments on Cinnamon Applesauce in the Crock Pot

  1. Chani-Claire says:

    This turned out great. Toddler approved! I only did 4 apples and it finished in 4 hours on low.

  2. Elaine says:

    I don’t use sugar at all in my applesauce. Once I got used to the taste, I really appreciated the flavor of the apples. My stepmom does add sugar, but she adds it after it has finished cooking. This method lets you add a little at a time and you may not need as much. Her favorite varieties to make applesauce are Staymen or Winesap. I don’t know if you can get those in CA. Those varieties are tart cooking apples (very flavorful), though I’ve made Granny Smith before, with a touch of sugar added. Red delicious doesn’t need sugar.

  3. Jill says:

    You are truly amazing!

  4. Delora says:

    I made applesauce on Sun after taking my kids apple picking. I did leave the skins on and the cores in, and added a couple of slices of ginger, a vanilla bean,and some allspice berries. It cooked for about 8hrs, then I put it through a food mill to remove the skins and seeds. My older son said it tasted like apple pie in a bowl 🙂 I then let half of it cook for another 12hrs on low with the lid off to make apple butter (I added some more ground spices at this point, plus a splash of balsamic vinegar and some maple syrup).

    If I make it again, I’ll probably peel the apples like you did. It’s a little more work up front, but then gives you the option of leaving it chunky or hitting it with an immersion blender.

  5. Lynn says:

    If I were to use ground cinnamon (since that’s what I have), how much would I use, do you think?

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