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Awesome 30 day decluttering challenge. Join the 30 day clutter-free countdown (for free) . Tons of resources and tips to make sure you succeed!

Click Here to DECLUTTER!

I cannot begin to describe the past month and amazing amount of decluttering that has taken place in my home (over 500 items)!  We have a very small house and I always say “We need a bigger house!” Well, not any more!  Since I started the challenge, I’ve decluttered so much that now we have room to move around and love the space we are in!  The closets that were once brimming with stuff have been decluttered so I can move the stuff we actually use into them (instead of piling the sheets in our bedroom, they now have room in the linen closet because I tossed the old sheets).  I had to make a lot of hard decisions – I hoarded purses – but now I only have two and re-gifted most of my favorites!  I tossed a pile of VHS tapes that were once in heavy rotation years ago…and didn’t replace them with a DVD version.

I had convinced myself that I needed an additional piece of furniture for my bedroom – but since joining the challenge, I realized that I don’t wear half of the clothes…so I just bagged them up for donation.  I set a rule for myself that I could only keep what actually fits in my dresser (I had clothes spread between my dresser and my son’s closet).  So, now I can actually use my son’s closet for his stuff…not mine!

I have so much left do to, but the past 30 days have been a real eye opener – I’ve held on to too much!

It’s such a great feeling…so thank you for kick-starting this adventure!  I’m going to reprint the check off page and start all over again next month (this time, I tackle the basement!)


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  1. Debbie Quick says:

    Thank you.

  2. Simplicity says:

    […] the house doesn’t have ANY closets. Not one!  That helps keep stuff at bay.  So I joined a 30 day stuff challenge- the short of it is:  clear out clutter every day, starting with 30 items the first day, 29 the […]

  3. Doreen D. says:

    Hi Emily,
    I registered… will the workbook be automatically sent to me?
    Looking forward to decluttering my house and life! lol 🙂

  4. Lyn Lillie says:

    This is my new years resolution…to organize and declutter. I plan on sharing your clutter free countdown with my friend.

  5. Annie says:

    That song and the line “I’m not going to miss this when I’m gone” is the BEST thing to have in my head as I go about dealing with a very crazy, cluttery mess. Thank you!

  6. […] A little illustration: at the beginning of this month I joined Emily at So Damn Domestic‘s 30 Day Clutter-Free Countdown. This is a fantastic fun challenge where you aim to declutter 30 items on day 1, 29 items on day 2 […]

  7. Maggie says:

    Hi! I signed up before Dec. 1 but I haven’t rec’d an email. Help :o)


  8. […] joining my 30-day Clutter-Free Countdown in December (it’s totally free), to get a head start on the holidays and to give as much as […]

  9. Caroline S says:

    Hahaha! I LOVED THIS! SO funny and cute…AND CREATIVE! I’m so excited I stumbled on your blog! I just joined the fb group! Can’t wait to declutter and organize my belongings!

  10. Holly says:

    Sign me up!

  11. Kristine says:

    I was on wait list and you send me emails each day with my name on. so i’m part of the Oct group but i didn’t get any workbook or stickers? i have checked my mail box.

  12. Dawn Leytem says:

    excited to give it a try, thanks!

  13. Trudi wood says:

    With my daughter heading to University later this month, this is just what we both need!

  14. SheilaJMcVicar says:

    Hello again, Emily!
    Re: Accountability for 30 Day Clutter-free Countdown

    #15: We had cleaned the bathroom light fixtures in both rooms, as they were just repainted , after stripping of a few layers of painted over wallpaper. Done this June
    #16 I made a broccoli/cabbage/fruit and seed salad for 8; 3 gluten-free pumpkin loaves; 9 pumpkin loaves of two different recipes; 1 Pumpkin Rice Pudding, a new recipe of slow-cooker turkey barley soup. A good snack made is Sunflower Seed/Pumpkin Seed (both roasted, no salt) and dried cranberries and Whole nuts (roasted) added together with a little turmeric dusting.
    #17:Actually, the computer/household accounts/cross-stitch library of patterns all lived in one room. Most of that has been dismantled and sold in the pattern portion of the room. All paperwork that is no longer necessary was shredded and recycled. Last night, all items in the computer section was also gone through and either thrown away or packed up to go with us. The closet holds empty boxes, packing paper and the paper recycle bin. The rest is from Grant’s office and he will need to go through that. Two cupboards are empty and well as shelving. Everything else has been set aside to move with us.
    #18: We have an emergency contact list but will need to update it when we move.
    #19: We sold our patio furniture this summer, but I was assured they would look after it! We sold to good friends!
    #20: We vacuumed our attached sunroom and washed down the furniture.
    #21: This was funny! I had done this last year, but found underwear with store tags still attached. Since I lost nearly 50 pounds, they were too big. Donated those to a shelter.
    #22: Had so many supplies for the office. Got rid of some items but need to go through desk and binders with hubby. Not even half done…sigh.
    #23: Recycled old envelopes, ‘free’ address labels (bags holding each season), coin rollers, deposit envelopes from bank, empty notebooks, big and small, stickers and more. Kept the best and donated the rest or trashed the worst.
    24: Do not have a lot of table linens except for heirloom crocheted ones. Have passed a few on to the next generation, but only if they wanted them. Wrote up a description of who made what and approximate year done. Now organized what is left into seasons and packed away in pillow cases.
    25:The living room had cracks repaired and painted, and surfaces dusted or washed.
    26:Hallways had cracks filled and sanded, then 2 coats of paint. Doorjambs and pictures were cleaned and doors repainted.
    27: No children here. Therefore, went through drawers in kitchen and reorganized pots, pans, casseroles and baking pans.
    28: Blankets washed.
    Repaired by hand and on sewing machine-clothing. Sewed up gift bags for Christmas and hemmed a new Christmas Table Topper.
    29: De-cluttered hair accessories, makeup, medications and First Aid supplies. Made trip to pharmacy for them to destroy old medicine properly.
    30: In the back sunroom or porch, we have designated the top of an old, dilapidated desk to hold boxes going to donation sites. We no longer need lunch boxes for work or school. Otherwise, the dining table is it!

    Keep well Emily! Thanks for all the work you put into designing the 30 day Clutter-free Countdown. It was truly appreciated! It was one of the best organized programs I`ve seen. Thanks! Sheila

  15. SheilaJMcVicar says:

    Dear Emily, Hope your are doing fine with baby due!
    Computer wants to crash, so will do quick recap. #2 and #14 were not completed but will be today.
    #1: I have always recycled or donated magazines, fiction, newsletters. Once the box ix full, Hubby delivers it for me. We did clean out our bottle recycling twice this month for cash returns. Our drinking water contains toxins and parasites, so we are forced to buy water or medicine to clear up parasites!
    #3: Have cleaned off dining table multiple times this month; it is the only large surface area/flat to work on for sorting, sewing, cooling just baked items on wire racks, and wrapping Christmas gifts. I also cut out patterns to sew, paint on wood & ceramic, organize cooking/baking projects for next day by getting out all dry/canned ingredients. All measuring cups, teaspoons, whisk, wooden spoons, parchment paper, etc. are within reach. And I have done most of this this month. Also tried out 15 new recipes this month.
    #4: No pets; sent out stack of birthday/anniversary cards instead. Went through Christmas bin, birthday cards, note cards and donated 50%. Wrapped Christmas gifts.
    #5/6:Only have 1 umbrella. Cleaned walls, switch plates, phones, remotes, and bathrooms. Hubby painted our front steps with non-slip paint in dark chocolate color. Also clean out computer room and threw out warranties for items we sold at garage sales over last two years.
    #7/8: Laundry supplies are down to basics only. Will donate plastic hangars when we move. Now have 4 purses: one clutch, 1 burgundy bag, 1 black bag and one quilted gray bag. All the rest were donated. Two scarves are now in donation box as I have never worn them. Also went through wardrobe, tried on clothes and got rid of another dozen tops.
    #9/10: We keep the car clean on a daily basis as I hate clutter in the vehicle. Only items like maintenance invoices, insurance, Canadian tire money and car coupons are in the glove compartment and money for carts at grocery stores. I have cleaned out most of my collections at garage sales, so nothing to curate. We have packed up anything precious for moving and is waiting for us to sell the house.
    Hubby has been sanding/mudding ‘gyproc’ (wallboard) damaged when our basement buckled in 2012. He has also been painting walls/doors/ceilings that were repaired also due to basement walls buckling. So, the vacuum has been constantly used, including the cleaning of floor mats. The vents have been cleaned …the dust was everywhere! The living room curtains were washed and rehung, but two more sets need to be laundered.
    #11/12: Board games, puzzles, resource magazines (for our daughter-in-law who is a teacher), Christmas (wrapped) gifts and knitted scarves for the winter are ready for transport to their house 6 hours away.
    #13/14: No kids to craft with, darn it! My fused back won’t allow me to pull out under bed storage so will get to that tonight.

    A friend is helping me to set up an account for selling our stuff, so will finish accountability later. Take care, Emily! Hugs, Sheila

  16. Carey Doyle says:

    I have such a need for decluttering my house. I have seven children and they range in ages from 12 and 4. Three of my kids have Down syndrome so I find myself keeping baby toys. I keep thinking I will have a yardsale but, that likely will never happen. I need a plan and some serious help. Thanks in advance,

  17. Denise says:

    Hi Emily,i am in your facebook group.My name is Denise Banta. My nickname is Angel just in case that’s how I originally signed up. Ive never received a free workbook. It will be September how do I get a free workbook. Will you email a link to me please in a email so I can get a workbook for September. Thankyou, Denise Banta

  18. Mary says:

    Sept. 1st will be here before I know it. I wonder if this is like cleaning up before the cleaning lady arrives? Just so you know – I don’t have any cleaning help but have heard others express the need to do so.

  19. ellen says:

    Perfect for welcoming fall cleaning…

  20. Stephanie says:

    Looks lie fun!

  21. Proudmama says:

    This is a cute video. I found myself tapping my feet to the beat. It’s so true you never miss clutter when it’s gone lol.

  22. Linda says:

    Hi Emily 🙂 I would LOVE to join your DE-CLUTTER CHALLENGE, but I’m not on facebook or any social media. Is there any other way I can do this challenge?? Sounds like a GREAT idea 🙂 Oh and BTW….I LOVED your video and you have a very pretty voice too. THANKS, Linda

    • Linda, sure! You can just sign up on this page, and you’ll get emails each day of the challenge (starting on the 1st of the next month). All of the tips are in a members-only section of this website, so you’ll be able to access everything. You just won’t have the benefit of the facebook group. But feel free to email me if you need some support during the challenge.

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