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Day 4 of 30 Day Clutter-Free Countdown - Quote about Decluttering

Decluttering Tip of the Day

In this challenge, we’re working with numbers of items, but you can also set volume goals or weight goals.

When I was in the thick of my decluttering frenzy, I would often set out two or three large boxes in my donation area, and see how quickly I could fill them. It was so motivating whenever one became full and I could close the flaps to get it ready to send to the thrift shop!

I also made it a goal of mine to declutter at least 2,000 pounds that year, just so that I could say, “In 2014 I got rid of a TON of stuff” and mean it literally. I didn’t weigh everything on the way out, but as I decluttered, and as I bought new things throughout the year, I always kept it in the back of my mind. Am I increasing overall, or decreasing?

When we compared the weight of our household goods when we moved at the end of the year to those from the end of the previous year (yes, we move a lot), it turned out we had actually decluttered far more than one ton. I had decluttered a net of 2,800 pounds!

Having a fun goal like that can be super-motivating if it matches your personality! What’s your goal?

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4 Comments on 30 Day Clutter Free Countdown – Day 4

  1. Sharon says:

    Progress is being made. Membership still pending? Two boxes donate, 2 garbage bags ready to put out, and one large blue bag of shredded ready to go as well. Also, the box for my daughter is almost ready, so that makes a 3rd box. Looking for lighter things so it isn’t to heavy. Finally got rid of old computer disks from 1990’s plus the disks and instruction books on Windows 95. I think there is more in living-room cupboard and bookcases. Counted individually, would be into the hundreds. Taking today (Sunday) off as do not feel well. Hopefully back at it tomorrow.


  2. Sue T. says:

    I loved today’s quote too! And Caroline, I am on your page with the yard sales. I have a shed that it’s sole purpose is to hold yard sale stuff. And it is stuffed! After the sales I am more likely now putting more stuff in the donate pile rather than seeing it again on the next sale. But then there are times when I say to an object that this will be it’s last sale and low and behold it is the first to be sold! The struggle is real lol!

  3. Caroline S. says:

    Absolutely LOVED today’s quote! Seriously spoke to me! And wow a ton! That sounds so fun! I sort of do this when I clean already! Except since I have a ton in storage and do yard sales regularly I always aim to get rid of a box at the end of the day. Last yard sale I said I”m getting rid of a box today that isn’t going back in storage and donated a lot of items (three garbage bag full!) I don’t know why I hold on to things for yard sales, I guess I actually like doing them and my boyfriend’s mom holds stuff in her garage just to sell them when our city lets us do them (every three months) Truth is though she has a lot of things I don’t think would sell and should probably get rid of. My boyfriend hates yard sales so he’s always happy to see me choose the donate route! I hope this coming December yard sale, I don’t hold to much or anything! But that’s another challenge on its own!

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