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Day 5 of 30 Day Clutter-Free Countdown - Quote about Decluttering

Decluttering Tip of the Day

Don’t buy “storage solutions” this month.

And probably longer than just this month.

Hold out as long as you can, and only buy very specific things for exact purposes/locations for categories you’ve already decluttered.

As you declutter, you’ll find that you’re freeing up storage containers you already own, one by one. Soon, you’ll have a huge stack of empty shoeboxes, baskets, and bins somewhere in your house.

In the end, you may even end up with baskets and bins to donate!

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6 Comments on 30 Day Clutter Free Countdown – Day 5

  1. Linda says:

    My granddaughter is setting up a yard sale next week so her trimming is perfect for me.she has been taking most of my clutter.

  2. Sasha says:

    I’ve joined ‘blogs’ before and always found the emails to be a nuisance but with this challenge and blog I can’t wait for my daily email. They’re on point and I love how you write. You are so motivating and the comments from the others are always interesting. Have a great day guys.

  3. Shelley says:

    Hi, Emily and fellow clutter free groupies, lol! I am looking for tips for encouraging children to join in the challenge. Also ways to talk to them about extra stuff in their lives. I’m afraid to make them feel like they have to hold onto everything for fear I’ll get rid of something of theirs. I do not get rid of anything of theirs without their permission but would like ways to explain why having stuff that we do not play with or have need for is ok to let go and give to someone who will play, appreciate and love. Thanks so much for this challenge!!!

  4. Sharyl says:

    I am so fired up with this group….have been super busy but hubby and I are on the same page….as of today we are well over 100+ items. After work I am heading to goodwill with a trunk and a back seat worth of stuff we do not need.

    It’s been great fun doing this together. Our kids are even fired up. Thanks!

  5. Caroline S. says:

    I am so glad I found this group when I did! I was already on the prowl for more and new storage bins! But luckily I didn’t make more purchases! I’ve actually been seeing things dwindle down and almost able to through out all the cardboard boxes I have! Maybe the bins will dwindle too! 😀

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