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Day 10 of 30 Day Clutter-Free Countdown - Quote about Decluttering

Decluttering Tip of the Day

Encourage your family.

This isn’t the same as nagging them or forcing them to participate, but if they want to, allow them to join in and make it fun.

See who can clear the most clutter by weight from their bedrooms, or who can donate the greatest number of clothing items. Or work together to see if the family can fill a certain number of boxes to donate by the end of the weekend, and go out for a special treat (ice cream, or dinner at a favorite restaurant, or an amusement park or other special outing) if you reach your goal.

I also got my husband to push me a little bit sometimes… for example, AFTER I had decluttered my books, I told him that for every one of his books he decided to declutter, I would “match” it with another one of mine. He got rid of a few he wasn’t attached to, and I was pushed to make more careful decisions about my own.

Keep it light. Make it fun. Decluttering can be a team sport.

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7 Comments on 30 Day Clutter Free Countdown – Day 10

  1. Francine Seal says:

    I have to admit that I’ve expanded my decluttering a bit to include getting rid of certain emails that I’d signed up for but are now just taking too much time to get through and giving somewhat contradictive information or want to sell me the latest supplement, some of which have herbal ingredients that give a person diarrhea! So I unsubscribed to a large amount of those subscriptions this morning (but I may have to go to my credit card company and tell them not to accept charges from these companies any more.)
    On a more on topic subject, last night as we were getting the laundry together for me to start early this morning, he noticed the old t-shirts of his that were on my dresser. He had me donate at least two and threw out one. The only reason he noticed was that I’d put them on HIS dresser. Then he commented that I’d mentioned we might as well get rid of our matching t-shirts for the various ships we’ve sailed on – I’ll pull those out this afternoon.

  2. Dawn says:

    This one hits home, my hubby and his live in mom refuse to part with much if anything. Frustrating, so I focus on what I’m doing for me and the kids. His mom actually came up to me with three bags of books so I guess they are right “Set example by action not nagging”!

  3. Zora says:

    That’s a very wise adage. I’ve been trying to tell myself something in those lines but couldn’t have said it so clearly. If I find it hard to declutter something, I will tell myself that if it’s hard to give a away, then it will make me a stronger, more principled person to do so. Another effect I see is that I seem to automatically transfer this way of identifying what really matters and what doesn’t. I notice faster what’s good for me – or my children – and what’s just a waste of time. That’s something worth getting rid of stuff for!

  4. Cindy says:

    I donated 9 bags,a mirror,and a fan to the Vietnam Vetrans yesterday and am planning to call them for another pick up very soon! I have a long way to go but this is a great start! Decluttering this way is perfect for me and is fun! So excited to start everyday knowing I’m helping others and I’m improving my life and my families! Thank you Emily! You are making a big difference in my life and I can’t thank you enough! Couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!!

  5. Caroline S. says:

    Crazy! I actually just started getting my boyfriend to declutter his room more! I’ve been sharing my joy in filling yard sale boxes and telling him how after he needs to make sure I donate a majority of it so we aren’t cluttered! I’ve gotten him to clear out his room much more. The real person I feel needs to de-clutter is my mother. But she is hard to budge!

  6. Melinda says:

    I only got rid of 13 items yesterday. But. I’m not stressing. Anything out the door is better than nothing!

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