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Day 11 of 30 Day Clutter-Free Countdown - Quote about Decluttering

Decluttering Tip of the Day

Break the cycle.

One thing about decluttering quickly is that it really helps to break the cycle of things “sneaking in” while we slowly drip things out.

Many slow-and-steady decluttering methods are fine for maintenance – aiming to declutter an item or a few items a day, a bag a week, or whatever. But the truth is, most of us are still bringing in new things all the time.

Even if it’s only things we need, a few special surprises or treats, maybe a little piece of decor we fell in love with… it adds up.

And coming face to face with the huge quantity of things that have built up over time, by decluttering quickly and furiously, is a great wake up call and a huge help when it comes to breaking the cycle.

You’ll start asking yourself questions before you buy something new, like “Do I really love this or is it just the cutest thing on these shelves?”, “Am I thinking about buying this because it fills a need or desire in my home and life, or because it’s a good deal?”, and my personal favorite, “Will I just be decluttering this 6 months from now?”

Concentrated decluttering efforts along with slowing the influx of new belongings will change your future.

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2 Comments on 30 Day Clutter Free Countdown – Day 11

  1. Francine Seal says:

    I’ve been moving right along and getting things either out or on their way (in a bag to put in the car to take to the thrift store when it’s open on Wednesday.)
    Bear with me now – yesterday I bit the bullet and actually upgraded my computer system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It took less than 2 hours total and appears to be working great. Windows 10 comes with Cortana – a voice activated search application. But it requires that you have a microphone to talk to her.
    I knew I had at least two mikes but had no idea where they were so I started to look in the office desk drawer (i.e. junk drawer.) I found and threw away over 40 dead or dying pens! I found 4 camera cards that we have nothing that can read them with. I found 3 little wooden hanging Easter eggs, my old light holder made of silver, turquoise and coral (haven’t smoked in over 20 years), a hand pencil sharpener, at least 4 rollers of white-out tape (that still work although I don’t type things much; it’s much easier to delete or fix the mistake on the computer.), three unopened packages of blue ink gel pens, a package of 5 mechanical pencils with one removed, nine tubes of lead for the mechanical pencils and one tube of erasers for mechanical pencils or a mecanical eraser and finally ten #2 pencils, unsharpened. I think I’ve made my quota for today – but I can’t leave the stuff out that also came out of the drawer.

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