February 25th 2009
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His job:

Student naval aviator (advanced – tailhook), just finished a bunch of formation flights. The first plane in the movie is being flown by him.

My job:
Illustration and teaching kids.
In one word? “Coloring” sums it up pretty well (of course I do other things too).
This is what I did at work today while the kids were painting:

I just finished reading Everyday Matters which inspired me to start trying to draw from life a bit more. So after I drew the cartoony giraffe straight out of my head, I decided to sketch the buffet table across from me (and the pictures on the wall above it). This is what came out of the end of my crayon.

When I showed it to one of the kids she declared, “A Giraffe!!!”
I asked her, “What else did I draw? Can you tell what that is?”
She looked from my picture to the buffet, the actual piece of furniture, back to my picture, then nearly screamed while laughing, “A giraffe… in your house!” Because it’s all obviously one very cohesive image, that.

Joyful Abode (953 comments)

krystyna looks like you have a similar situation! Always makes for amusing conversations too.

krystyna81 (3 comments)

Ha…I know how you feel! MY hubby is an aerospace engineer and I’m an artist…we got the left brain/right brain thing at our house!

Tiffany (7 comments)

Loved the Contrast!

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