I was going to write you a nice post about chocolate chip pancakes tonight, but I seem to have come down with a cold of some sort, so I’ll be going to bed soon.

Unfortunately, tomorrow I can’t spend the day sipping soup and reading in bed… I have a craft show.

Merry Meridian Market in Meridian, MS

Meridian downtown - Merry Meridian Craft Show

I hope it goes well! I have a feeling it’ll be a pretty decent one, especially compared to the last couple I did… this one is HEAVILY advertised, and part of a week-long holiday celebration in our town. There will be live entertainment (I think) all morning, and after the craft show concludes, there will be a parade. woo!

Tomorrow’s high is only 54 degrees but thankfully it isn’t supposed to be windy (some breezes but nothing crazy) or wet.

I’m going to bed now, but in the morning I’ll be consulting my craft show checklist to make sure I don’t forget anything crucial. Also, I’m adding to the list a carafe of hot coffee (with hot cocoa mix in it) and my thermal travel mug thingy. It’s gonna be brrrrrr….

I hope I do okay tomorrow… I mean with being sick and all. Ugh. I hate when I can’t breathe. It kind of impedes me a little.

4 Comments on Craft Show tomorrow – Merry Meridian

  1. elaine pogue says:

    I am inaterested in information concerning the 2012 Merry Meridian Market. We are crafters and have set up in past years and are interested in displaying our crafts this year.

  2. Victoria says:

    Ahh, the life of a Meridianite! How I miss it. It’s a high of 20 about every day here now… which means a low of 8! 🙂

  3. MonsterBug Blankets says:

    Here’s hoping you feel better in the morning! And that you have tons of sales. 🙂


  4. charlie says:

    I TOTALLY do the hot cocoa mix in coffee thing. I actually put it in my soy lattes rather than paying extra for a flavor shot. My coffee place has hot cocoa mix (incorrectly labeled “cocoa,” I checked it out because it didn’t look as dark or fine as cocoa powder), and I just put a good bit of that in there along with some cinnamon.

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