creative spaces craft room feature on joyful abode (storage, organization)Tell us about what we see in your photos.

I have a passion for stuff. I make stuff into art.
Found images, antique stores, garage sales, used book stores, thrift stores, people’s garages….. In my room I wanted to have ample space to spread out and make a mess, but also a space where I can be inspired and display the work I have made. I also display the items I have that are interesting in themselves, but just waiting to be made into art.
I’m in my junior year of college and I live at school most of the time, and but this room is in my parents’ basement. It’s kind of like camping out in a cave. It used to be a sewing room/ workshop/ storage room… but since junior high I started begging my mom to let me move in there. Long story short that involves a lot of rearranging… I live in the basement. It’s my favorite part about coming home.
In the model, which I made for a class, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite parts of the room, being: the wall covered with my artwork, the collection of random glass bottles, the rag rugs, and the antique turquoise tulip chair. In the real room, my favorite parts are the bed (excellent mattress), the large amount of floor space, the bookshelf filled with art books, magazines, newspapers, novels, boxes of junk, my chunky necklace collection on display, and my art that is all over the walls.

creative spaces craft room feature on joyful abode (storage, organization)

What do you create in your space?

In this space, I turn my massive stockpiles of stuff into art. Usually on the floor.

What advice do you have for others who are trying to put together their own creative space?

I opted to hang my art on the wall for 2 reasons. 1, it’s a mini-gallery to show people what I’ve been up to. 2, it’s GREAT for storage, paintings take up significantly less space if they’re not all stacked up.

creative spaces craft room feature on joyful abode (storage, organization)
How does being in your creative space make you feel?

This space is one without a roommate and one that is truly mine. I have a lot of ownership and privacy here which is important to me.

What has your biggest challenge been in creating and maintaining your creative space?

Keeping it clean.

What do you do when you’re NOT creating?

I’m an art student at North Park University in Chicago. I teach art to underserved teenagers in the inner-city at a drop-in center called Graffiti Zone (new site on flickr!). I’m discovering a thing called kitchens and cooking… growing out of good ol’ milk and cereal. I’m also a hopeless internet addict.

creative spaces craft room feature on joyful abode (storage, organization)

What one piece of furniture or organizational equipment could you not live without?

Sweatpants and a bandana.

What is your next “move” for your creative space? Do you have plans for its future?

My next move would be to be in a permanent space with 100% of my belongings in one spot (I’m tired of moving!)

Do you have a website we could visit?
I have a flickr site that I update very regularly. I have a new etsy site that I sell a little of this and that at. I also have a blog.

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  1. Kathi D says:

    I LOVE that model! What a wonderful way to show your space, and a great way to remember it when you move on.

    I am really enjoying these peeks into craft rooms, Emily.

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