November 21st 2008
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This is the simplest thing ever, but it’s very impressive looking. I’m right, right?
easy chocolate shavings

I made some dark chocolate shavings to go on the hot chocolate at my open house tonight. Firstly, they are DELICIOUS over hot chocolate + marshmallows. Secondly, they’re SO EASY.
Hershey’s Special Dark, meet OXO Veggie peeler.

easy chocolate shavings

See the perforations on the chocolate bar that let you eat just a tiny rectangle? This process would be easier if you didn’t have those on your chocolate bar… if the bar were just solid, so it wouldn’t break as you held it. Anyway…

easy chocolate shavings

First contact.

easy chocolate shavings
Look at those little curling slivers.

easy chocolate shavings
Keep going until you have a pile like this… and a few broken pieces of chocolate bar you couldn’t curl without also curling your fingertips. Give the excess to the husband, and save these chestnut-colored treasures.

easy chocolate shavings
I served them in a ramekin with a tiny dessert spoon, ready to sprinkle over the hot cocoa. Mmm….

easy chocolate shavings

I’ll write about the open house tomorrow, I promise. For now, I’m sleepy!

I bet you can’t wait to break out the veggie peeler on your leftover Halloween candy, can you?

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