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Do you do spring cleaning? Sure! But what about fall cleaning? This is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor areas! Clean and declutter your back patio - here's how.

So you guys saw that earlier this month, I busted my butt cleaning the front entrance area of our house. I’ve kept it up pretty well since then, knocking the dust off of my door a few times, and everything has stayed clean and white and bright. (And I’m still LOVING my painted welcome mat.) It had been bothering me for a while, since we use that door to come into our house all the time (and to welcome our guests), and I’m SO  happy I deep-cleaned the entire area with the help of Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner.

Well, now that the weather is getting so much nicer (70s!!!), I decided to once again Take the Spray Nine Challenge. This time, on our back patio area. We’re spending more time outside after school and on the weekends now that it’s cooler, but things have been getting a bit feral on our patio. Lemmie show you.

Back Patio – Before Cleaning

Sidewalk chalk ALL over the place. Funny enough, my kids don’t usually use it to draw as much as to “make powder” by grinding it up, then use the powder to make “witch poison” or to mix with water and paint their bodies. You can’t really tell in this picture, but their outside toys were filthy, and the doormat was really gross with ground-in dirt


This table gets a LOT of use – the kids use it for their potion-making and chalk grinding, as well as for doing painting projects outside. It’s stained for sure, but it was also just absolutely filthy on top of the stains.

Our chairs were never meant to be outdoor chairs, but we just never replaced our chairs we had to leave behind in Maryland (not everything would fit in our tiny PODS container when we moved). So they’re not holding up great but i’m not too worried about them because we’ll pitch them when we move the next time (if we don’t replace them before that).

That little trampoline/rebounder was supposed to be for the kids to get out some of their crazy energy, but it never actually worked beyond the first few weeks… let’s face it. Rebounders are never going to be as much fun as real trampolines. So it’s kind of falling apart anyway, from the sun beating down on it all summer. It needs to go.

And the grill was totally filthy too, just from dust. We should get a cover for it at some point, maybe.



And the track to our sliding door? So terrible. I always “mean to” clean it, but rarely get around to it. It’s not something you have to stare at often, so it gets the shaft when it comes to cleaning priority, but I DO notice it, and it IS gross, so I was excited to tackle it during this deep clean.

Back Patio – During Cleaning


As soon as I got together my cleaning things, the kids wanted to join in. They love when we clean together! So I filled up a basin with water and dish soap, gave the kids each a cloth, and they went to town! Anneliese cleaned the jungle gym in our yard, and Joey cleaned his new fire truck. Because fire trucks always need to be shiny and clean and ready to go!


As for myself, I started with my hose on the jet setting, knocking off the dust everywhere I could. I sprayed the table, the grill, the door mat, the spiderwebs in the corners, ALL of the grass and dirt and junk that had accumulated in the toy corner. I sprayed the kids’ toys, and used the jet to “sweep” the concrete.

I wanted to be sure to do the door mat as one of my first “projects” since I wanted it to have some time to dry before I replaced it. I knew from cleaning my front entrance that Spray Nine would get all kinds of nastiness out of it, and I was right. After the initial rinsing, I sprayed Spray Nine all over it, and then blasted it again with my hose. Sooooo much filthy water came pouring out.

When I was finished, other than a few pieces of grass that were stuck in the fibers and I was too lazy to pick out, the mat looked basically new!


Meanwhile, I had the kids gather all of their sidewalk chalk, moved the toys out to the yard to dry, and had my husband take our rebounder/trampoline and balance beam (also ignored these days) to the curb.


Then I set to work on the rest – the first thing I tackled was that danged door track. I couldn’t find my scrubby brush anywhere, but Spray Nine was ready to tackle the tough grime of the situation regardless. I sprayed lots of it in the cracks, then blasted it away with my hose again. MAGIC! There were a few spots I scrubbed with a bit more spray and a cloth, and some places I couldn’t reach without my scrubby brush, but  the work I did took much less time than I imagined it would, and the improvement is HUGE.

Spray Nine helped me conquer this with maximum results and minimal effort.

(Ignore the towel inside – that’s because the patio was all wet and I didn’t want us to track water all over. Also ignore the paint stain on the patio.)


Afterward, I used Spray Nine on the table and the outside of the grill. Again, I blasted it off with the hose, then spot-cleaned areas that needed a little more attention. Like I said before, our table is TOTALLY stained with paint and more, and I’m okay with it, but thanks to the Spray Nine there’s no more dirt, grime, chalk, or grease.

Back Patio – After Cleaning


Our table is ready for more experiments, potion-making, and paint messes! Or maybe some coffee while I watch the kids play. And the grill is begging my husband to slow-cook me some delicious pork ribs!


The kids’ toys are mostly clean, organized, and ready for more fun. And the mat will actually help us wipe our shoes off again. Plus, we don’t have to step over a disgusting grimy door track anymore. (Shh… I still have to clean the sliding door with glass cleaner, but I’ll do it later.) This area is a HUGE improvement.


And without the clutter of the abandoned and un-used rebounder and balance beam, there’s more room for playing, fun, and imagination. Hooray!

All I used was Water, Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner, and one towel which is seriously filthy now.

How are you getting ready for fall? Are you planning to spend more time outdoors now that it’s cooler?

See what Spray Nine Heavy Duty can do for you.    What areas can you clean to better enjoy your outdoor spaces?

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