There are some things you should know about me, if you don’t already.

1) I’m pregnant and NESTING.

2) I love lists.

3) I’m really into Pinterest.

4) I’m pretty into yellow these days. Like, REALLY. It’s in my kitchen, living room, master bedroom, hall bathroom and baby’s room (along with different coordinating colors in each room).


Besides all this, I’m also picky. I LOVED the idea of a dry-erase menu board as soon as I saw it on Pinterest, but none of them seemed quite right for me and my kitchen. For instance, this one is great – nicely painted frame, but the fabric inside is too busy for me. I’d find it too hard to read the menu at a glance. I LOVE the way this one looks, but I don’t have a vinyl cutter, and even if I did, I don’t like the idea of vinyl letters on top of the glass.  I imagine the letters would get gunked up with dry-erase marker dust over time, but maybe that’s just my imagination. This one is super complicated, and I would probably never even finish making it let alone get around to using it. This one is the closest to my perfect! It’s simple, easy to read, and I THINK she put the letters inside the frame as opposed to on top of the glass.

So here’s the one I made for my kitchen …


I started with a picture frame from Target, some fabric and embellishments I already had, Wonder Under fusible web, printed-out letters in a bold font (to use as patterns for my appliqué ones), scissors, iron, ironing board, and a hot glue gun.

I cut a piece of cardboard (actually, from the frame packaging) to the size of the frame.  I then laid out my letters and junk to make sure the font sizes would work …

Next, I ironed all of the fabric and ironed the fusible web onto my letters-to-be and the top strip of fabric.

I used hot glue to wrap my neutral fabric around the cardboard.

Next, I cut letters out of the fabric scraps using my printed ones as a guide. I then peeled the paper backing off of my letters (and that top strip of yellow) except for the “MENU” ones because it would not come off of those. I’m not sure why.

I ironed everything down in place. I had to hot-glue the “MENU” letters on. I decided to use the scraps to make a pretty flower in the corner and also hot-glued some buttons and some yellow twill tape as embellishments.

Finally, I put the whole thing into the picture frame. I LOVE that all of the decorations are BEHIND glass, which means it will be super-easy to clean. Now, all I need to do is mount it on my sliding pantry door and get a dry-erase marker to velcro to the top “ledge” of the frame.  Now, I can menu-plan like the crazy, nesting, list-making, pregnant lady I am.

What ideas have you found on Pinterest and how did you make them your own? What has your favorite recent home-improvement project been?

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5 Comments on DIY Dry-Erase Menu Planning Board – Embellished Fabric

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  2. I love this idea… I’m thinking about doing it for one of my MOPS meetings this year. Question… do you think that using scrapbooking paper under the glass would be fine instead of fabric?

  3. Sarah G. says:

    I love yours! So cute and you!

    I made one similar to that vinyl lettered one, but I just used black stickers for the letters (because I don’t have a vinyl cutter, yet), and I put them directly on the paper instead of on the glass, because I wanted everything underneath too.

  4. MomEinstein says:

    That is super cute! I love that it’s all under the glass – having stuff on top of the glass would drive me crazy.

  5. Theresa says:

    You make me wish I was crafty. It’s beautiful!

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