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My kids and I were challenged to try out some home products from Dollar General, and compare them to our usual brands. We love finding great things in Dollar General, especially school and craft supplies, but I never really thought about switching some of our home items over to DG brand. So I was definitely excited to try them out. I’m always up for saving a few dollars, especially on things we use every day!

The first thing we tried was Dollar General tissues. We normally use Kleenex or Puffs brand, just because that’s what we’ve always bought and what we grew up with. the few times I’ve tried generic store brands were a huge fail – this is gross, but it was like blowing my nose directly into my hands. They were so useless.

Dollar General brand? I honestly haven’t noticed a difference from Kleenex brand! The ones we got have added lotion, so the paper isn’t too rough on our skin, and they…um… hold everything they need to hold. I didn’t tell my family I switched out our tissues, and no one has noticed at all! One point for Dollar General!

dollar general tissues

The second thing I decided to try out was snack bags. I normally rely on Glad or Ziploc brands for my zipper bags, especially for juicy items or things I’m throwing into the fridge and don’t want to accidentally pop open and spill. But we’re pretty gentle on snack bags, and taking some trail mix in the car or to school for a snack happens pretty frequently here. So why not see if this is a good opportunity to save a few dollars?

The verdict? They work just fine. Some cheaper snack bags have “zippers” that don’t line up easily, or which you have to snap repeatedly across them to close. These “zipped” just like the name brand, so using them was just as convenient as the big brands. And I think the kids approved – they were happy to get an extra snack, as my testers and helpers!

Two points for Dollar General.

dollar general snack bags

The third Dollar General product I tested was paper towels. This isn’t something we use often. I only ever have one roll of paper towels in the house, and usually I buy Viva brand, because they’re so strong and thick… but boy are they pricey. So normally I don’t drain my bacon on paper towels at all. Because the paper towels are so dang expensive, I reserve them for really tough/gross jobs like…cleaning up vomit (ew I’m sorry I said that word).

But Dollar General’s paper towels are cheap enough that I felt I COULD use them to drain my bacon. I cooked up 3 pounds to have in the fridge throughout the week, and the paper towels did their job perfectly.

Three points for Dollar General. Still counting?

dollar general paper towels

Our last test – hand sanitizer. I’m not obsessed with killing germs all the time, but we do use hand sanitizer sometimes when we’re running errands or getting ready to cook, or after handling something particularly gross (like picking up trash someone else littered, when we’re going on a walk together).

I don’t have petri dish results or anything like that, but Dollar General’s hand sanitizer seems to do the job just fine. And for people who use hand sanitizer a lot (teachers, I’m looking at you), buying Dollar General’s brand could save you a lot of money throughout the year.

Four points out of four. Go, Dollar General!

dollar general hand sanitizer

What’s something you haven’t tried from Dollar General yet? If you could stand to save some cash (who couldn’t?) you might want to Find other money saving deals at Dollar General and give their home products a try!

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