June 19th 2013
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Have you ever cracked an egg and found two yolks inside? Did you wonder what it meant, or if there was some special meaning? A lot of people interpret double yolks as an omen. A few things it is said to signify are:

  • Pregnancy, especially with twins (for you or a loved one)
  • Someone is going to get married soon (double yolks in one shell = union of two people in marriage)
  • Plenty, good fortune – Wiccan
  • You'll get double your expectations (good things)
  • A death will happen in the family soon – Norse mythology

But I just take it as a general “fertility” omen. With a grain of salt, as with all omens.

So when I got this double yolk at the beginning of the month, my first thought was that my friend who has been trying to get pregnant will be pregnant soon (or was already).

But it wasn't that. Or not JUST that anyway.

My period started that day. The first one since before I was pregnant with Anneliese (in 2009!)…if you don't count the two days of spotting I had in between Anneliese and Joseph.

And a few days later, one of my girl friends got her first postpartum period, after 2.5 years. And then another friend (the one who is trying for baby 2) got hers back too.

So fertility. Lots of fertility.

I really need to make that IUD appointment…

So tell me, have you had a double-yolk omen that was true?


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veronica (1 comments)

I just cracked an egg and got a double yolk; never in my life had that happened. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant so yes now I believe it lol

Emily Chapelle (260 comments)

Whoa, so cool Veronica! Congratulations!

Christi (2 comments)

I cracked 3 double yoke eggs in one day and I hope that means I going to be triple blessed in the money department…..

Jenn (1 comments)

my mother in law just texted me and said shes had 3 double yolked eggs in the past month, and my best friend just called and told me she had a dream that i was pregnant with twins…oh boy haha

Christi (2 comments)

So did you find out if your if your pregant?

Nancy (1 comments)

So very true. My son was wanting a second child so very much. I had never encountered an egg with two yolks until about two weeks ago. Found it so interesting that I snapped a pic and texted it to my son and daughter. Then began wondering what lore may be attached. Before I could find a few minutes to research it, my son called me about a week later to tell me they are pregnant! I am one happy grandma, this will be number five (or six if the twin thing is present). But there’s no twins on either side that I am aware of. Just happy for my son and daughter in law and looking forward to a new baby next summer.

KayelAZ (1 comments)

I can’t find any information on this: An egg that had a tiny tiny “complete shell egg” in the middle of the yolk. What are the odds of this, and how did this happen?????

Emily Chapelle (260 comments)

WHAT? I need to see a picture of this. You took a picture, right?? Link me!

Emily Chapelle (260 comments)

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2266323/Father-shell-shocked-cracks-open-gargantuan-egg–ANOTHER-egg-inside.html here you go… apparently it can happen if the chicken is stressed and doesn’t lay for a few days? So crazy!

Hilary (1 comments)

Hmmm, I’ve had three double yolk eggs from my chickens in the last two weeks! I’m still waiting on my first cycle since getting pregnant with my 12 month old, so maybe it’s coming….

Maggie (18 comments)

My husband cracked open a double yolk egg the day we found out I was pregnant!

Emily Chapelle (260 comments)

Whoa how cool!

Sarah s. (13 comments)

Mike and I both cracked open double yolk eggs out of the same carton a few months back, but it hasn’t meant anything for us, haha. Pretty much all of my friends seem to be getting pregnant though!

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