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Double Egg Yolks and Fertility Superstitions

Have you ever cracked an egg and found double egg yolks inside?

Did you wonder what the egg with two yolks meant, or if it were some special sign? A lot of people interpret double yolks as an omen.

A few things double egg yolks are said to signify are:

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Two Yolks in One Egg – Pregnancy Omen

Pregnancy, especially with twins (for you or a loved one)

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  • Yesterday while making breakfast, my boyfriend cracked open an egg... Two yolks! This morning, I just cracked open and egg... Two yolks! Good fortune or pregnancy, I'll be happy with both! If I don't start my period by the end of the week, then I'll have to take a pregnancy test!

    • Okay so on Friday 04/21/17 I cracked an egg with 2 yolks in it. Yesterday cracked an egg in the morning with 2 yolks. Then later on that day cracked another egg for a cake and it had 2 yolks in it and now this morning cracked an egg for breakfast and same thing 2 yolks makes a total of four 🙃🙃🙂what does it mean I'm freaking out.

  • I had two sets of twin yolks two Sunday mornings in a row. The day after the second set I found out my baby had passed and was going to be stillborn at 38 wks.

  • As someone who raises chickens, you will find double yolk eggs are very common. Especially, in younger hens. Not much of a omen, I would say.

  • Today making breakfast, I cracked an egg that had two yolks! I got freaked out so the first thing I did is google it lol, now reading all of these comments on the page I'm starting to think I might be pregnant:) me and my fiancé have been trying for another baby for a while now:) who knows maybe I'm pregnant:) I'll wait one more week to take a test!:)

  • I was cooking breakfast Saturday at the restaurant and I not only had one double yolk or two or three... or even a dozen. I had 22 double yolk eggs!! I'd love this superstition to be true :)

  • I once had a dream that I was sitting on two large round eggs then I picked one up and ate it. A few days later I found out I was pregnant. Then this morning for the first time ever I cracked an egg into a frying pan and saw two yokes. I am 5 weeks pregnant. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year. I definitely think it is a sign if you look at it right. I'm hoping it's not a sign I'm having twins, though before I got pregnant my four year old told me she had been praying for God to put two babies in mamas tummy. We'll see.

  • I pulled 3 eggs out of fridge all 3 had a double yolk. Wish I could post the picture on here. I am now curious.

  • So im 5 months pregnant and boiled eggs for supper and when i cracked the first two to eat they both had double yolks.Haven't gone for scan yet wonder if I am having twins... :)

  • Had loads of positive test just had 2 double eggs now bleeding gone doctors now test negative just had blood test just waiting still feel pregnant don't no if was with twins still am or bad news ment to be good though so just waiting for news on test

  • It all started with finding a twin potato when got some out to prepare for dinner. This morning I cracked an egg with double yolk and this afternoon two more eggs with double yolks. Is it an omen? I have been praying for twins. My mother-in-law is half of a fratenal twin. Her niece and nephew are fraternal twins. My sisters are identical twins so are 2 sets of second cousins on both my parents side. Then my dad has couple grand aunts that are twins and 3 who are triplets. Hmm...