May 12th 2010
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Thanks SO MUCH to Northern Monkey Girl for this comment on my last gardening post:

Hey, about the broccoli, it sounds like you have the sprouting broccoli type rather than the calabrese? The calabrese is the one that forms one big head. The sprouting has become more fashionable over here recently, you just take several stalks to make up your dish :)

I think she’s exactly right. Mystery solved! And whaddaya know? Shortly after that, we had enough little stalks/florets to make a nice addition to our lunch!


There weren’t a lot of them so I didn’t want to do anything too complicated – I wanted to enjoy them for what they were, so I blanched them and just put them on a salad (I know I know, REAL foodies don’t eat lame iceberg lettuce… it’s really good for wrapping burgers though and this was what was left in the fridge after the burgers, and I actually really do like the crispiness of it, so there!)

I drizzled mine with EVOO, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of garlic salt. My husband’s was topped with EVOO and balsamic vinegar with sea salt.

I love how bright-green broccoli gets when you blanch it!


We both decided we really like this kind of broccoli. The fact that the stalks are skinny means they stay tender and are delicious to eat, so it’s not JUST florets. It’s almost like broccolini.

I think we might get another seedling and see what happens… but doesn’t broccoli stop growing when it gets consistently hot? Or will it keep growing if I keep it happy? Who knows?

Northern Monkey Girl (3 comments)

Woo, fame at last!
Yes, it certainly looks like the sprouting kind, and I agree about the fantastic colours.
Although… what is broccolini??

Dosenberry (17 comments)

I LOVE broccoli! I have never had this form of it – or at least I don't think so. Does it taste different?

How many different things do you grow in your garden? 20?!

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