April 29th 2010
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So every time I take photos of the garden and then forget to post them, by the time I remember (even 2-3 days later) the garden has changed so much again that I have to take NEW pictures. That happened a couple times, and then this past week it was rainy and gloomy for several days, so pictures wouldn’t really work out… which led me to delay even further. But today was sunny, and I finally got out there and snapped some shots just for you!

Look how much everything has puffed up!


The first plant I “visited” was my sweet baby zucchini plant. Because I love zucchinis and I’m very excited for the first ones of the season to be ready. Well, I didn’t catch a photo of it but there was a SNAIL on one of the leaves. I was so angry I grabbed it and threw it far away, without stopping to think. But this means WAR. I’ve asked my husband to bring home some beer from his “Navy trip” (because I was pretty sure they had beer lying around). I’m going to set it out in little dishes or bowls or something and drown those suckers. BWAH HAH HAH.


Because these are MY zucchinis. Ain’t no one taking that from me. I can’t get over how many of them there are, this early in the season! I’m so excited.


This is my banana pepper plant I think… and something has been EATING it. But what? What kind of bug or pest makes holes like these? Is it the snails or something else, ya think? I need to wage war on whatever that is too, because I want peppers!


Poor little pepper plant…


The (green) bell pepper plant is looking really happy and there are little pepper “nubs” starting already. I think it takes about 2 months for them to mature (is that right?), so it’s going to be a while, but I can be patient. They’re coming!


And my basil is starting to take off too. I know I should probably thin it, but I never do, and it always turns out ok. Eventually the bigger stronger ones will shade the littler weaker ones and kill them off by natural selection, and then they’ll turn into a huge puffball of basil I can’t keep up with. Except that this year I have a dehydrator! You can bet I’m going to be drying some for future use!


Here’s the other garden bed – not too shabby either, is it?


After the flowering broccoli fiasco, I’ve kept up with trimming the tiny florets as they start to open, and that has resulted in multiple “branches” with florets growing on them… but they never get very big, and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be doing something differently or what. Any experienced broccoli farmers out there want to weigh in? I would love some home-grown broccoli, but the little “heads” are so teeny and they start opening before they get big at all… how do I make them make bigger “heads”?


The little cantaloupe seedling we rescued from Lowe’s has hung in there, and it’s even grown a little bit. It’s so tiny compared to everything else, but hopefully it’ll catch up. For goodness’ sake, it’s only April! We have plenty of time, right?


The squash plants have a few baby squashes on them too, which I’m thrilled about. I like squash almost as much as I like zucchini, and that’s saying a lot.


And in non-vegetable news, the rose bush has exploded with flowers. I’m not sure what to do about trimming for shape… it kind of has a Jabba the Hut thing going on right now, looking like a pile of clippings someone threw on the side of the road, that just happens to be flowering. But it sure is a pretty lump of bushiness!


And I’ve been enjoying roses in vases in the house too… so lovely!


Isn’t nature amazing? Look at those perfectly swirling petals.


And they smell amazing too… even though I’m trying not to sniff them too much right now due to allergies, but… they really do smell amazing. It’s hard to resist.


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