August 8th 2008
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Good: Basil is growing (from seed! Thanks Meagan, for the herb kit)
Not so good: No parsley is growing… it died (I like basil better anyway). Also, something is munching on the basil leaves a little.


Good: The eggplant is making lots of fruits and flowers. The plant is in generally good health.


Not Good: Something ate lots of little holes in all the leaves on the entire plant.

sad sad eggplant leaves

Good: Tomatoes galore, and they’re finally ripening!



Not so good: A few of the tomatoes were affected by less water while we were in Michigan, and have cracking on them.

Not so good: No zucchinis in a while… and the plant does not look happy. It got this way while we were in Michigan. Moral? Never go out of town, ever.


Not so good: Cucumber plant has lots of sad dead leaves (again, trip to MI).
Good: It has flowers and  little baby cukes.


Good: Banana pepper has a few tiny peppers forming.

banana peppers

Not so good: The last two banana peppers that got big at all ended up getting big brown spots and I had to get rid of them. Also, the plant is scraggly and sad looking.

banana peppers

Good: Our green beans look happy and there are itty bitty beans starting to grow!


Good: Zora is a very good helper. Here she is letting us know which tomatoes to pick.

zora helping in the garden

…and inspecting the fruit.

zora inspecting a tomato

So… we sprayed insecticidal soap on the ones that look like something’s been eating them. But any other ideas? Any amazing tips?

Most of all, I want our zucchini to spring back… I LOVE zucchinis, and the ones from our garden have been so good.

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