October 17th 2012
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#Give500 Challenge at Joyful Abode

Join in the challenge to #Give500 things away!

I'm still sorting through things to find stuff to give away. Today I went through two closets and some of my craft things and added LOTS more to my pile.

It feels awesome to know that these things will soon be liberated from their uselessness and passed on to people who will give them new life.

At first I felt like I was cheating when I found something I forgot I had, haven't used in forever, and want to keep. But that's part of the point of this! Clearing out the things I'm not using will make the other stuff more “obvious” and maybe I'll actually use it more. If I don't end up doing that, I can pass those things on later.

Other things, even though I know they're there and theoretically I want to use them, I just don't. Like my shaved ice maker. I LOVE snow cones but I never haul it out to use. Maybe I'll give it a couple of weeks and try to make an effort to use it.

Some things would make good gifts for certain people but unfortunately those people are far away and I don't really want to hold on to them longer with intentions of packing them up and mailing them later. Better to give locally and sooner, I think.

I'm still planning to do a free yard sale this Saturday. I hope people come and find things they'll use!

How's your #Give500 project going? Have you given away anything that surprised you? When people receive your items, how does it make you feel? Have you only given things to friends, or also to strangers?


Sarah (4 comments)

I just graduated from seminary in 2011 and I was sorting through my upstairs (seriously where I have stored all my excess junk for the past year) and realized that I have bookshelves full of books that I really don’t need to keep. I have some favorite books that I am definitely keeping BUT I have lots that I can also give away. I was thinking & praying through what to do with them I realized that a guy a few years younger than me has now just entered seminary and could probably benefit from a ton of these books as he’ll need many of them over the course of the next 3.5 years. I sent him a text message asking if he could/would want to use them and he said he jumped up and down with joy when he read the message askign if he could use them! Thanks for inspiring me to give stuff away, I am hoping to get a bunch of stuff sorted, take a picture, and blog about it soon.

Erin Nicholas (4 comments)

Gave away a bunch of stuff this past weekend! Felt good to let things go. The hardest was going through my clothes. I always think, “Oh I will lose weight and fit in to that again soon.” Well, the body has definitely changed after baby and while I may lose weight eventually, those clothes will be of better use to someone else than just sitting in my closet waiting for me to “get skinny” again :)

Apple (31 comments)

I went through our movie collection and gave away all my VHS tapes. We don’t have a VHS player anymore so it seemed the likely thing to do. I gave most of them to my in-laws and they were very excited. I’m surprised that I actually gave them away b/c they were very old tapes from when I was little. I knew that I would never be able to watch them again though.

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