We’re moving again. We’ve actually been moving all week. But this weekend will be the final haul. I updated the “About” page to reflect this new development.

So goodbye little row house, or patio house, or whatever it is you like to be called. We’ve enjoyed our two months here.

dining room

living room entertainment center coffee table

living room couch art

sewing machine table fabric quilt thread

(ooh a sneak peak of my quilt)

bedroom comforter curtains painting

More pictures in my flickr.

We’re looking forward to at least 6 months in our new three – bedroom – house – with – a – bigger – craft – room – that – the – husband – prefers – to – call – the – office.

See you on Monday, blog world! I’ll come back with lots of Halloween goodies for you. I bet you can’t even guess what.

5 Comments on Goodbye little row house.

  1. [email protected] sewing machine tables says:

    Very nice this is what I wanted to do to my living room and kitchen 🙂

  2. […] case you missed it… We moved to Pensacola August 1, but moved again to Milton October 1st-ish. So… new […]

  3. […] it doesn’t look terribly different from the living room my apartment in Columbia, SC or our row house in Pensacola, FL BUT I have to show off our new green wall. Whoever decided on the paint colors for this house chose […]

  4. Joyful Abode says:

    Girl, you need to finish unpacking and get rid of some crap!!!! Seriously. Years?

    I guess we felt like we should make it home rather than limbo. Limbo is no fun. Unless you mean the kind with the stick and hula skirts.

  5. MrsDragon says:

    I cannot BELIEVE that you are that unpacked and clean (a)in two months (b) for only two months. I’m having a hard time being motivated to unpack and we are going to be here a couple of years. I just want to buy a house and NEVER MOVE AGAIN. : )

    PS. If you post a how-to on roasting pumpkin seeds you will be my hero forever. : )

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