September 21st 2010
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This is another meal that I made while I was pregnant, and froze for post-partum. It was really good the first night, but I venture to say that it was even better after freezing – because in my vacuum-sucked freezer bags, the breading on top got sucked to the chicken, and changed somehow. It was delicious!  IMG_1296

I’m really sad that they’re all gone now… guess I should make and freeze some more, huh?

Grain-Free Chicken Cordon Blue – Make and Freeze

You’ll need:

  • Boneless Skinless chicken breasts
  • Sliced ham
  • Sliced swiss cheese
  • Pork Rinds, crushed very finely or food-processed into crumbs
  • Butter (melted)

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, pound out your chicken with a heavy object (I use my heavy metal measuring cup) until it’s pretty thin, but not falling apart.

On each breast, lay some ham and cheese. Roll up the breasts so the ham and cheese are inside, and lay them in a baking dish seam-side-down.

Once all the chicken is rolled up and in the dish, top each one with some more swiss cheese.

Sprinkle pork rind “dust” over the top of the swiss cheese, and drizzle with melted butter.

Bake until cooked through, about 20-25 minutes.

Freeze, fully cooked. When you want to eat one, thaw it overnight. Then you can throw it in the oven or the microwave until it’s warm (since it’s already cooked). I did about 2 minutes in the microwave to heat the middle, then finished in the oven to get the top crisp-ish again.


A really good sauce for it is some sautéed onions, chicken stock, and cream… heated until reduced and thick. Or it’s good plain too. Enjoy!


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